Fetish Art by Gernot. Part III Fetish exhibition and fetish party

See Part I and Part II.

Apparently, catching up with the time, news, progress is an utopia even if you narrow your field of interests to only what’s discussed on this site – the world of fetish, and even if you consider the declining interest (see “Fetish industry and fetish trends” post) and the average age of current fetishists (40+?)

But back to the subject and to the event I have missed.

In short: on Friday, April 15th, at 20:00 GO Gallery (Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 64) opened the Wasteland Party Weekend with an exhibition of German fetish artist Gernot called “Rubber, Frills and Thrills” and presentation of his new book “Bizarre Gallery – The Art Of Gernot” published by Marquis Edition.

It’s open until Sunday, May 01 (Wed-Sat: 12:00-18:00, Sun: 13:00-17:00, no idea about the entrance fee), so I haven’t missed the exhibition (yet), but I missed the following:

The opening was supported by fetish models: Louva, Ancilia Tilla, Lizz Vogelzang, Rachael Vee and more participants of the fetish and bondage life in NL. For the four models (except Ancillia who was not wearing rubber but an interesting dark grean dress with shiny pantyhose) Demask specially designed and made latex suits using Gernot’s art in mind (see, for example, the featured photo of Louva). The guests had an excellent opportunity to show off their own kinky wardrobe and the content of the well-hidden toolboxes.

And, of course, you could politely ask Gernot himself (who is already back to Bavaria) to sign your just bought and freshly unpacked exemplar of “Rubber, Frills and Thrills”.

So, if you’re in A’dam or in the neighbourhood, you know what to do 😉

Photos courtesy of: Gernot (Facebook), Erik, Christian Tan

Did I miss anything?

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