Kylie Minogue in Pantyhose. Part I

kylie minogue in backward seamed pantyhoseJust as the title says: Kylie Minogue in various pantyhose – 12 hi-rez photos. Also see videos (with her male dancers in fishnet tights) in the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue in Pantyhose. Part I”

  1. this is one gal who gets it! she even has the guys wearing fishnet pantyhose on one of her hit videos!
    and the fact that she is wearing one set with the seams on backwards is not a mistake! She really gets it!

  2. Check out her video dvd’s from her shows in Manchester and London. Alot of hot scenes of her.

  3. un show tout simplement magnifique, Kylie, jambes nues et fins escarpins dirige formidablement la troupe; la tenue des danseurs flashe égalemet, boots à talons et collants wolford. Ils assurent avec maitrise, cela à exiger bien des répétitions

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