Rubberist.Net (IAHR) is for sale

AtaraxiaIn short: Ataraxia (the owner) is selling again. This includes all forum content, the “Rubberist.NET/.ORG/.INFO/CO.UK” domains and the (non-expiring) license to the vBulletin software.

I remember he already tried to sell the site about 8-10 years ago, but was convinced to postpone his decision. Apparently now Ataraxia (65) is indeed going to retire. He did not lose the interest, but all the things not directly related to fetish and bondage take way too much time, energy and money. And after many years you suddenly realise that it’s not fun anymore. Yes, I know the feelings…

This is what he wrote here:

Thanks for all of your kind words and support, folks. You help me feel that it was all worthwhile.

It’s not like I am going to completely disappear, folks. 🙂

I’ll still be around as a “regular” member to post and share after the sale. The difference is that I will no longer be in an administrative role as the “mayor” of this community, which suits me fine. I’ve had enough of dealing with online “people problems” to last a lifetime. Let someone else deal with all of that now!

Look on the bright side…. Whoever buys the IAHR will instill it with a “gush” of new energy, enthusiasm and vision – all the things that have become exhausted in me. The IAHR will be revitalized, renewed and refreshed by “new blood”. It will reach into new places, explore new ideas and create new adventure. I see it as a positive thing for all of us.

Besides, I’m not done yet. I’m just “changing programs” to focus on “Deep Rubber Fetish”. I want to put my energy into some new projects that relate to rubber fetish as a spiritual practice such as my blog and, perhaps, even write an allegorical novel about transcendental rubbering.

Nope, I’m not done yet!

Carpe Rubber Diem!

So, he’s in spiritual and transcendental fetishism stage now. A step higher?

Anyway, is anybody interested?

IAHR = International Association of Heavy Rubberists

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