Mylène Farmer performs bound in latex

Just found these two photos on the Internet – Mylène Farmer is wearing what looks like a latex bondage dress or suit during her performance.

Does anybody know have any photos, video or information about this show and Mylène’s clothes?

Update: found the video! From the Wiki:

“Déshabillez-moi”. From the first notes, spotlights are changing colors. Farmer sings with a microphone on a base, and sometimes she pretends to laugh. Her bondage dress rendered Farmer unable to undress herself, which explains why she wore it for the song of which title would be translated to English as “Undress Me”. After a final “Déshabillez-vous !” and an explosion of fireworks, a total black enables Farmer to leave the stage to take off her dress. This performance is one of the funniest moments of the concert.

3 thoughts on “Mylène Farmer performs bound in latex”

  1. Nice, but one does have to ask ‘why?’

    I guess the obvious answer would be ‘why not!’, but my idea of fetish and bondage is always that it must be in ‘context’ – I don’t tie myself up and then start singing! neither do I bind my GF and expect her to join me in a karaoke session (the gag would be a bit of a problem too!)

    great fun!


  2. Madjack ” wrote:


    Because she’s Mylène Farmer 😉 Have you seen her videos? 8-10-12 min mini films. With blood, fightings, shootings, torture, romantic stories and, well, sometimes bondage.

    The end result is mostly very entertaining, what is the utter goal of show business 😉

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