Latex, shiny pantyhose with back seams and double-hammerlock bondage

Interesting photo with many layers to look at and think about. Let’s begin with the clothes.

Pantyhose. Not only sheer black with back seams but also shiny. Quite a rare combination. The seams are very straight (this is, by the way, a sign of very good pantyhose, that do not twist, but “click” in place) and look like drawn with a marker. However, have a look at the right leg, behind the knee, where nylon does not cling to the skin – you will see a shadow from the seam. Of course, it was not done intentionally, but I love this detail.

Latex. Overly tight on the left girl, but still worn over pantyhose and pantyhose-looking leotard. Not an easy task. If you never tried, you should at least once. Actually, latex stockings worn over usual pantyhose feel more comfortable.

Shoes. I love sandals with nylons. Mostly because I love both. And partly because it’s considered by fashionistas as a banned and damned combination. But I saw and see that very often in fashion shows and in fashion magazines, what makes such claims just another BS.

And finally – bondage. This arm-tie is called double-hammerlock. If you are flexible enough, it can be quite comfortable (a bit more straining than the Japanese box-tie). This method renders your arms completely useless and you feel very vulnerable. I was tied like that a couple of times and loved that. I never used double-hammerlock in inescapable self-bondage, but made a couple of dry-runs (see Double hammerlock 1, Double hammerlock 2)

Unlike “imaginable” simple bondage, you clearly see how expertly she’s tied. The ropes do not dig into her skin too deeply, however I wonder if the upper-arm loops (they decrease pressure on the wrists) can cause numbness in half an hour. But, again, if done properly, this kind of tie is both more restrictive and less “harmful” than single-gloves.

I would put something on the arms of the bound girl, add a gag and took her place with a great pleasure ;-P

Via Mia Ng (Google+)

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