Should bondage be complicated?

simple bondageOr it can be as simple as on Matteo Bertolio’s photos? And what is bondage, actually?

6 thoughts on “Should bondage be complicated?”

  1. I don’t think bondage has to be complicated, in fact simple bondage can be far more compelling…
    In the photo this lady is tethered by a single tie – there is something wonderful about being so powerless with such simplicity. Yeah being utterly trussed and gagged is great, but I find myself feeling much more humiliated and submissive if I can be defeated by a single restraint.

  2. Exactly! If bondage is about any kind of restriction, a simple inability to do something usual can be considered bondage. E.g., inability to cover your naked or vice versa fetish clad body, inability to leave the place you are “bound to”, inability to speak, inability to do whatever you want…

    Actually, bondage is a philosophical category. Even inability to leave your workplace is a some kind of bondage 😉

  3. I like all restraints. This one is just as powerful as any other. THe image itself speaks ‘erotic’

  4. Bondage takes place in my imagination. Ties and restrictions are helpful but that is not the main point. I think, it is more important to feel the restriction. Being thethered to a pole while you know that you could be discovered any second, could be much more compelling than a full hogtie with aching knees and one not in a bad position, in a safe environment – for example.

    I still remember the very first time that I put on a tight skirt. It was not about CD-ing at that time, it was the restriction of my legs – not even super tight, a simple straight stretchy skirt that was in fashion at that time, about 30 years ago. In my memories, this weighs more than a lot of heavy SB sessions before and after that, and it wasn’t even real bondage.

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