Double-pantyhosed and swimsuited wing-walker and shiny neoprene catsuits

Culmor posted one photo in the Candid pantyhose forum thread. I made some investigation, found the whole set and discovered, that:

  • Her name is Peggy
  • The sport (sport?) is called wing-walking
  • There are no Active Water (or similar looking) swimsuits on the web-site of Aqua Sphere
  • Aqua Sphere makes very interesting 0.5-1mm shiny neoprene swimsuits and catsuits, that can be used as latex swimsuit/catsuit replacements.

    The prices are quite steep (does it say anything about the quality?) but you can find some interesting offers on eBay:

Speaking of Peggy’s clothes, I would definitely use neoprene (because it’s wind-proof) and several layers of shiny skin-coloured pantyhose (for the swimsuit-only look, for the warmth reason and I like moire 😉

See 14 hi-rez photos below

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