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“Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou

selfbondage-princess-00The full title is “Jibaku-hime + Osorubeshi Kikai no Pantsu” or “[すもも堂] 『自縛姫』『恐るべし機械のパンツ』 [英訳]”

The idea to use a hardening substance for self-bondage appeared in the forum in this thread: Turn water into a gel/solid…. But no release method was found, except a safety person, just like in this manga.

Also I was thinking about the enema pants/plugs/system used here. I wonder if it’s possible to DIY it.

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Self-bondage art. Part XX. Sketches

self-bondage-art-195See all parts here.

A funny set of selfbondage sketches apparently drawn by someone who’s not much into bondage (I’ve no idea who the artist is). Arms bound in the front! Ankle tie is not cinched between the legs! No proper clothes! Oh… What a shame…

But on the other hand I like “the struggling” (if you can struggle much in such bondage ;-) and rolling around. Anyway, see 5 drawings below.

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Self-bondage art. Part XIX. 3D Poser pictures.

See previous parts here.

Some thoughts and ideas about this Poser series:

  • Being naked is booooooooooooooooooring…
  • You can’t trust software
  • You can’t trust hardware
  • Combining (self-)bondage and sport can be fun (see also Fetish gyms)
  • It would be very interesting to have public selfbondage rooms with all restricting devices, time-locks, programmable toys, remote controls, supervision, video and photocameras. Some controls can be given to the public or club members. The club members should have their own toys with common interface (standard mounts and a USB connector).

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Kikkou (karada) (self)-bondage technique. Translated!

Karada kikkou how-to bondage drawingUpdated on Apr 16, 2012 @ 03:55: This post has reached 100,000+ views! New record!

Updated on July 11, 2009 @ 01:42: Many thanks to BinaryFreedom who translated the text! Click on the pictures to see the translation.

Posted on December 28, 2008 @02:17: Yet another method of tying karada. Or to be more precise – kikkou (see terms and translation here).

Though, this one does look similar to these ones, there are differences like hooking the ropes on the back and absence of the knots in the front. The pictured method will give you much tighter feeling in the crotch (try it with your favourite butt-plug in place ;-) ).

While the drawings are self-explanatory, I would greatly appreciate if someone could translate the Chinese text.

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Self-bondage art. Part XVIII. Creativity.

See previous parts here.

Even basic self-bondage is a lot of fun. Simple “Bondage Life” techniques and drawings (see Bondage Life Basics and Hog Tie 1) are mind-blowing and imagination-exploding at the beginning, but as time passes by and we are getting experience, we want something more advanced…

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Self-bondage art. Part XVII. 3D Poser pictures.

See previous parts here.

What we know about the author of these pictures is that it takes him 4 hours to make them in Poser. I would add the necessary skills and a good amount of imagination.

Of course, it’s matter of personal preferences, but I miss some proper clothes (e.g. latex, leotards, pantyhose) and attributes (e.g. hoods, gags, plugs, etc.)

I bet you can come up with your own stories using the images as starting points. Or, possibly, invent new self-bondage scenarios?

See 14 3D pictures below.

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Self-bondage art. Part XVI. Self-bondage for everyday life

See previous parts here.

16 various drawings today. Nothing special. Nothing unusual. Quite the opposite. Self-bondage for everyday life. It does not matter what you are doing or what you are going to do: relaxing, enjoying your morning coffee, shopping, learning, working, bathing, awaiting your boy- or girlfriend, playing golf or sleeping, there is always a place for some self-bondage.

It should not be very complex, inescapable or overly restrictive, but just enough to feel it. See also Lockable clothes. Or perhaps you have your own ideas? Please share with us!

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Self-bondage (might go wrong) art. Part XV. Do not let this happen to you!

See previous parts here.

From time to time we all neglect simple safety rules. All these preachings about “Do not smoke!”, “Going to drive – no alcohol”, “Wear protective gear”, “Red light – stop!”, “Read instruction before, not after” are sooooo boooooring…. But following them may save your life…

Everybody knows about selfbondage safety. But still we go for more risky scenarios, forget about or ignore backup release mechanisms or use not good thought out plans. Another good thing about art is that artists with good imagination can show the rest what it may look like if….

Please do not let this happen to you. Think in advance, stay calm and do not make statistics.

See 14 drawings below (you may already be familiar with some of them).

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Self-bondage art. Part XIV. Four short stories.

See previous parts here.

Like hokku consists of three lines , each of these four selfbondage stories contains three pages or images. There is one thing that they have in common – the continuation (or the end) is left to your imagination.

Oh, yeah, another one – the clothing could’ve been chosen better.

See 12 pictures below.

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Self-bondage art. Part XIII. Self-bondage techniques and ideas.

See more self-bondage art.
Updated on Jan 30, 2011 @ 14:49: Added translation (click on the images). Many thanks to Green!

Posted on Jan 29, 2011 @ 01:39:
This short manga-story called “Self-bondage in the toilet” (便所自縛) drawn by 油炸豬大腸 gives some food for imagination and discussion. And definitely gives some self-bondage ideas to think about.

But first of all (despite it’s quite clear what’s going on on the images), could anybody please translate? (Yes, the Japanese language is in my “to learn” list, but not for this year ;-)

Let’s go step by step.
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