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Even basic self-bondage is a lot of fun. Simple “Bondage Life” techniques and drawings (see Bondage Life Basics and Hog Tie 1) are mind-blowing and imagination-exploding at the beginning, but as time passes by and we are getting experience, we want something more advanced…

We want selfbondage suspension, we want enemas, we want fucking-machines, we want to be punished for getting released. We do not want boring bondage anymore (get bound, wait, get unbound), we want some events we have no control over. Pretty much like bondage with an experienced partner. You have no idea what he (she?) is going to do: pour more cold water in the enema bag, shove his cock down your throat, make you fly around in ropes or will use you with two more friends. And you will not be able to stop this.

Yes, we use our creativity to create difficult scenarios with virtual partners . But please, do not forget the basics: check the programs, make sure the keyholes are facing your fingers and use alternative release (e.g. ice based locks).