I’ve just stumbled upon these photos on eBay:

Vintage Photograph Swimsuit Latex

From the description:

Photo size is 5×7″ inches. Original vintage photograph, not a copy or reproduction. Original Vintage Photograph of Ad Pretty Girl in Pin Up Swimsuit Latex circa 1940s.

Yes, it does not look like an original photo (“continued on next page” ?), but it does not make the photo less interesting. What is she mummified with? One big nylon stocking? One piece of fabric wrapped around her? Some kind of wide thin strips? Are her arms bound? What is it all about? Is it a photo from a book? Fetish magazine? Ad campaign?

The same seller sells two more photos of “advertising art works” from the same 40’s. The girls on the pictures are wearing latex catsuit, dress and a swimsuit. Did latex clothing exist in 40’s? Or is it just a “correct” imagination of the artist? Where can I find more of such images?

… puzzled …