Self-bondage art. Part XVII. 3D Poser pictures.

See previous parts here.

What we know about the author of these pictures is that it takes him 4 hours to make them in Poser. I would add the necessary skills and a good amount of imagination.

Of course, it’s matter of personal preferences, but I miss some proper clothes (e.g. latex, leotards, pantyhose) and attributes (e.g. hoods, gags, plugs, etc.)

I bet you can come up with your own stories using the images as starting points. Or, possibly, invent new self-bondage scenarios?

See 14 3D pictures below.

One thought on “Self-bondage art. Part XVII. 3D Poser pictures.”

  1. I do like these and they, like any art, allow the creators imagination to run riot! 🙂

    Does anyone recall a website, sadly long since closed, called ‘Deep Hell’ or possibly ‘Deeper Hell’? It may be these are by the same artist because they are very similar. I recall the site had some really good enema scenarios for the heroines stuck in thier self-bondage 🙂

    As Ra says – I would love to see some of these with a pantyhose/zentai/latex or similar theme and gags/plugs are always great fun!

    Nice artwork


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