Self-bondage art. Part XX. Sketches

self-bondage-art-195See all parts here.

A funny set of selfbondage sketches apparently drawn by someone who’s not much into bondage (I’ve no idea who the artist is). Arms bound in the front! Ankle tie is not cinched between the legs! No proper clothes! Oh… What a shame…

But on the other hand I like “the struggling” (if you can struggle much in such bondage 😉 and rolling around. Anyway, see 5 drawings below.

4 thoughts on “Self-bondage art. Part XX. Sketches”

  1. Looks like the artist is prasticing different poses and ideas. It is easy to draw ine picture, But to draw the same girl in many different poeses and in bondage, as simple as it is, Seems to me that he is trying perfect his skills.

    Very good so far.

  2. What’s wrong with nudity? Too much sexually oriented?


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