Public opinion, morality, fetish and kids or
fetish clothes to the office

girl in latex in the shopWhile the definition of the word “fetish” is pretty much “standard”, the actual meaning is different and individual for every person. Any object or activity can become a fetish one. It can be shopping, driving, jogging, wearing fur, high heels, latex, collecting stamps, match boxes, vintage cars. But then a strange thing happens. This strange thing is called “public opinion”, or PO.

PO decides what is appropriate and what is not. PO decided, that wool and cotton are appropriate, but latex and leather are not. PO decided that some materials and clothes are appropriate for women and some for men. PO decides what clothes are appropriate for what time and place.

As you can see there is absolutely no logic here. Just as there is mostly no logic in “public opinion” or “morality” (See also the “children pornography” post).

Just two examples. PO approved mohair (also a huge fetish), and PO disapproved latex can look very official. “PO approved parents” do not allow school girls to wear adult thin flesh coloured pantyhose (as seen in enormous amount of forums and groups, parents consider sheer pantyhose inappropriate for underage girls), but do dress then in school uniform, white shirts and white pantyhose (all three are enorm fetishes). See, for example, this post.

OK, “let them kids alone” for the time being and return to us, adults. What fetishy can you wear to the office?

If your fetish is PO approved – you are lucky. Just do not overdo like in the mohair post.

You can hide something under your clothes.

If you are not supposed to meet customers and do not have to follow a strict dress-code, you may be able to introduce something to your style. See, for example, this and this.

But what about a complete fetish attire? In fetish shops you are actually encouraged to “dress up” properly. See the attached photos of Grey Kosh made in one of Moscow fetish/sex-shops (in which she used to work). According to her you can easily wear latex 24 hours a day (the shop works round the clock).

Do you have any other examples? For example, “latex-friendly” work environment?

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fetish clothes to the office”

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