I see this quite often in my dreams. I can easily deep-throat my own cock. It feels so easy and natural. The only problem – the most sensitive area is located on the other side from my tongue. Just like in the real life.

Have you ever tried auto-fellatio? Having a big dick generally helps, but still you need to be very flexible. Moreover, when you bend down your cock significantly shortens.

I could do this when I was 14-16 yo. I was thin, flexible and very curious. Of course, I could not kiss my beloved penis from the first attempt. It took me days of training, but I succeeded. The most exotic place where I enjoyed self-sucking was in the dunes on the shore. I did not own any fetish clothes at that time, even no pantyhose, and could only dream about one-piece swimsuits (let alone latex…). So the only extra item what accompanied me was a bike steering bar handle used as a butt-plug.

Pity there was no one around to make a photo of me. I would like to havea look at it now :D And no, unlike my dreams it was neither easy, nor very enjoyable. Yet very kinky and arousing.

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