Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 38. How close are bondage and sex?

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The discussion in Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 32. Bondage without DSM made a sudden turn. Bondage and sex. How close are they? Bondage (see? no DSM! only bondage) is quite an intimate activity.

Can bondage partners/friends be just friends? Can two heterosexual men be bondage (only!) friends? Can a men be bound by or bind women and stay away from any sexual activity, jealousy and hence adultery?

There are some example for “yes” to all questions. Professional dominatrix services usually do not mean any sex at all. And what can be more intimate than, say, proctology, dentistry or gynecology. And neither men nor women feel jealous if their partners visit such doctors.

Not all bondage activity is related to sexual arousal. (See also Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 4. Why do we like bondage?), it’s more like an extreme sport. But even such a brutal sport as wrestling leads to very noticeable erections, see Wrestling as fetish sport?. And, by the way, there are sexologist whose goal is hmmm… to make you sexually aroused.

So, what is the deal with bondage? Can you go to a man or a woman to get bound openly and tell your wife/husband about it?

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