H&M fashion and no pantyhose or David Beckham in tights

Today I got my hands on the fresh H&M magazine (spring 2012). Of course, first of all I checked if there are any published photos with pantyhose. Nothing. NOTHING at all.

But then I stumbled upon Derek Blasberg’s interview with Beckham:

David: I suppose the very first thing I remember, when it comes to fashion, is when I was a pageboy at a family wedding. I had a choice between wearing some boring old suit, or a pair of knickerbockers with ballerina tights and slippers. I went with the tights.

Derek: I’d kill to see that picture.

David: My mum’s probably got it somewhere. It’s not that I always wanted to be different, but I knew what I liked and that’s always what I wore.

Derek: Looking back on all of your sartorial decisions you’ve made, do you laugh about any of it now?

David: Always. I look back on some stuff and I think, “I can’t believe I actually wore that”. But I have no regrets – I knew at the time it was good.

OK, at least something 😉

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