Bondage tool, “Water flower”, or what are those Japanese about?

Bondage tool - Water flowerI came across this picture on one of the picture forums, so there were no description or explanation. What are all these nozzles for? Stimulation (like on the second picture)? How are they related to bondage? Is it a some kind of a toy?

Does anybody here speak Japanese? Could you please help?

(I know, a lot of questions 😉

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  1. I think its some sort of toy, you can see the girl on the first picture bending her knees slightly and grabbing one of the nozzles in the direction of her crotch.

    I have no cluewhat the description says though. Im taking japanese classes this fall, so might be able to help out on future japanese translations

  2. CCnn wrote:

    I’m taking japanese classes this fall, so might be able to help out on future japanese translations

    That would be useful! I’m still not sure about what classes to take. Japanese is definitely in my future plans, but probably in a couple of years. Not now. On the other hand, I always wanted to pass the black belt exam in Japan 😉

  3. Another find!

    Good luck with the Japanese – though I’m told speaking it is much easier than reading it!

    I like the buoyancy aids in the second picture 🙂

    On a serious note: self-bondage and water don’t mix. I have got a short video somewhere of a girl doing some SB in a water tank, with a foam float around her neck. Very erotic, but also very safe due to the presence of others – not a luxury we are likely to have!


  4. I think I figured out what those nozzles do.

    The first (in the top left of pic 1, is a bubble-spray like the thing in the 2nd picture.

    The second is a water jet I think.

    The third resembles the ordinary shower head.

    Must be stimulation.

  5. Well, there are shackles on her arm and legs, wouldnt that be sufficient?

  6. Following this logic you can call everything a bondage tool, just stick a bound girl onto a garden hose, calculator, computer mouse or a mobile phone.

  7. The Japanese isn’t as exciting as you might hope. But here’s my rough ‘n ready translation:

    Along the top: The container holds a special carbon-based solution with 38% oxygen.
    #1: Pipe for poop (opening 41 mm)
    #2: Pipe for pee (insert is 18mm)
    #3: Pipe for menstruation (inner-vaginal adhesion type)

    Like guppy viewing, a human aquarium! Thought up by a Tokyo Bay Area spatial designer, leasing companies have now appeared. An indispensible item for any disco.

  8. Thanks again Green!! Indeed, just a human aquarium. But on other hand, I like the 38% oxygen solution idea. That would solve and make “plausible” lots of crazy “underwater bondage” scenarios.

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