Compact e-stim device – Erectonus

erectron-01A couple of years ago I was seriously thinking about buying an e-stim device to get more entertaining possibilities during self-bondage sessions (and, hey, hands-free orgasm!). However, after spending days searching the Internet, reading various forums, reviews, I finally ditched the idea, because:

  • e-stim devices are bulky
  • good devices are very expensive and require expensive tools (plugs, contacts, etc.)
  • cheap e-stim devices are, actually, not so cheap, but do not bring much satisfaction (most likely no HFO)
  • electricity cannot be used inside of latex suits
  • wires and electricity are not quite compatible with self-bondage sessions (where you are supposed to rock&roll 😉

But a couple of days ago I stumbled upon one eBay ad, that made me return to the subject. The device is called Erectonus and it’s very simple.

From the description:

The Erectonus is an autonomous pulse stimulator, which has a probe tube and a handle for comfortable use in rectal and vaginal areas.

The stimulator capsule consists of two hemispheric metal caps, which are put together on a dielectric adapter sleeve. The probe tube is connected to one of the caps by means of connecting branch. Inside the capsule there are three batteries and a microcircuit of square-wave generator, which produces electrical impulses on 100-400 Ohm load resistor with the following parameters:

Voltage amplitude of the impulse – 3-4 V Pulse duration – 6 milliseconds Pulse repetition period – 24 milliseconds Burst time – 380 milliseconds Burst period – 3 seconds

Minimal warranted duration of persistent working – not less than 75 hours

And that’s basically it. No on/off switch. You can’t replace the batteries (officially). Just a pulse/ton generator and two contacts, what makes your smooth muscle periodically contract. Simple.

The good thing is you can wear it under your normal clothes or under heavy latex. You can be bound or self-bound and this little thing will f*ck you and pump blood into your cock.

Prostate orgasm? I doubt it, but who knows. I knew a girl who could orgasm by rhythmically squeezing anal/vaginal muscles (basically, what this device does) and almost collapsed by wearing a butt-plug while swimming.

Ideas? Any DIYers? And possibly the batteries can be replaced?

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