DIY masturbators. Video tutorial

The following three video tutorials are for die-hard DIYers. Not sure if any of them are suitable for selfbondage sessions, though 😉

Anyway, enjoy:

Part I

Part II

Part III

One thought on “DIY masturbators. Video tutorial”

  1. Oh my!

    What a very clever design that is, I’ve got to try that out.

    For self bondage it would need to be the extra adaption in the 3rd video, which looks quite complex in the way shown but might be simplified with less welding skill required?

    I always find the most difficult element of bringing any ‘external’ stimulation into a self bondage session is simple problem of how to set it up so that:

    A) you are comfortable
    B) the device stays in place for the whole session
    C) the device actually works as it should!!

    Great find again


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