Unusual pantyhose. Part II

Here is another photo for you (thanks to 20den from tights4men.borda.ru)The pantyhose look very “handcrafted”, so I don’t think you can buy them.

Yes, yes, I know, that some of you do not like either patterned or white pantyhose! ;-D

5 thoughts on “Unusual pantyhose. Part II”

  1. Oh dear… could Ra mean little old me?

    Sorry – just doesn’t do it in the ‘turn-on’ stakes.

    But, because I believe in a world where consenting adults can enjoy themselves in any way they chose, so long as they harm no others… why not enjoy this if you wish?


    Still rate it as a 2 star, very unusual indeed :-))

  2. … mean little old me?

    Yeah, you and Clam 😉

    just doesn’t do it in the ‘turn-on’ stakes

    OK, what is in your turn-on list then? I wonder how yours and mine are similar. So far I know about two differences: white and patterned pantyhose. Dry, not wet 😉

  3. Well, sticking to pantyhose (to keep this shorter)

    Colour first: Tan (includes nude/mink/toast/etc), black (don’t we all?), occasionally brown (yeah, odd!) and for a while in the glorious 80’s anthracite (oh boy – memories there!!). I once owned two pairs of silver pantyhose, in lovely and shiny lycra, brilliant (wish I’d still got them).

    Denier: Must be 20 or higher. I do like the feel of sheer (7 denier) but don’t shave my legs, so thicker = better visually. Also, and I know this will sound odd, I prefer my women in the thicker denier as well. I think it’s because I want to see that they are wearing pantyhose, and sheer is designed (I think) to hide the fact that they are.
    Opaque, matt or gloss are all ok – sometimes I want a finish that will allow me to slide around easily (for those wonderful bound struggles), but there are other times when a matt finish is more pleasing to the eye (when my bondage is ‘artistic’)

    Style: must be footed – can’t get excited by stirrup pantyhose/tights. Not seamed pantyhose either – another style that fails to light my fire.
    After that it’s not really important, though the style of pantyhose that doesn’t have the ‘panty-line’ as I call it (dance tights for example) are always pleasant on the eye. I do always seek out a few pairs that have a cotton gusset – which is removed to allow either a head or another appendage to be poked through :-))

    Material: nylon, lycra or a lycra/nylon mix. Cotton might be fun, but I’ve never found any I like. I would love to have a pair of latex pantyhose, but am deterred by price, quality and durability – so they remain a dream for the future (when I’m very rich… yeah, right!)

    my terrible pantyhose fetish soul laid (nearly) bare :-()

    Well.. here is a point. It’s not a ‘real’ fetish as described by some so called experts. I can live, love and have fun without pantyhose, latex, lycra or bondage.

    … but it’s a whole lot more fun with them!! :-))


  4. OK, my turn.

    Colour: skin (nude, tan, beige, bronze, anything what cab be worn publicly), DARK BLUE (oh… I adore dark blue, other names are navy, marine, royal blue), black. Other “strange” colours are also good especially if the tights are shiny and transparent: red, crimson, silver, golden, light blue (association with light blue pantyhose I borrowed when I was ~12), white, violet, lilac (a couple of schoolgirls were wearing violet and lilac nylon pantyhose, I did not have access to such colours, so I used ink to dye tan ones), etc.

    Do not like dull grey, brown (though some browns are very nice!), graphite (again, it depends).

    Denier: mostly 15den. I prefer transparent pantyhose between 8 and 30 with very little exceptions (Oroblu ExCell or heavy shiny leggings-like material – see my single-glove photos)

    Style: footed (of course! not-footed ones are called leggings 😉 Preferably shiny (glass shine, not diffused) and sheer to waist. I wear mat only if don’t like them to be visible. I love back-seamed but not on my legs, because it’s very difficult to see the seams and I love to see them 😉 Also, I like black or dark blue fishnets.

    Patterns: depends on the pattern. I remember a girl from my school. She wore black sheer pantyhose with white roses… Oh my … Her legs in those pantyhose drove me nuts… Wolford is a famous company for very interesting patterns.
    Another schoolgirl wore white pantyhose with very thin horizontal dark blue stripes….

    Material: nylon (polyamide), lycra (spandex), latex. Possibly polyurethane. Definitely NO cotton or wool.

    … but it’s a whole lot more fun with them!! :-))

    Second that! ;-D

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