Pillow penetrators and self-bondage deep-throating ideas

pillow-fucking-machine-02Back to the idea of double penetration and self-bondage deep-throating. “Proper” DIYers can easily masquerade these Thrill Pillows as usual sofa roll pillows so nobody will suspect anything. They have hidden compartments with accessories that transform the innocent looking velvet rolls into aggressive sex-monsters (see the video below).

My idea is to stack and fix the rolls so the dildos are facing each other. One dildo is for one of the “bottom holes” another is for the throat. When you are bound you will be penetrated from both ends with no escape. For example, if you try to avoid the anal/vaginal dildo, you will be deep-throated and vice versa.

Two drawbacks: a short stroke length – 60mm and too high thrusting speeds – 120 thrusts or 150 thrusts per minute. You definitely do not want 2 deep-throats per second, but I do not know you ability.

On the other hand, 6cm is perfect for deep-throating (e.g. between 10 and 16cm, or 8 and 14), and 120 thrusts per second can be good for anal/vaginal use. I wonder if it’s possible to slow down the motors.

You do not have to turn the mouth-facing motor on. Or use a switch with a logic: turn the motor on for 5 seconds if the dildo is not deep in your mouth enough. Or if you are rolled over (think of a mercury-switch).

As for the bondage, here’s some quick ideas:

  • legs wrapped around the pillows and bound
  • waist, chest and neck are loosely tied to the pillows with belts
  • arms bound behind the back and tied to the waist belt

Depending on the distance between the dildos and the pillow surface, another position can be used: back to the pillows instead of chest to the pillows. I wonder if you can fix one pillow (anal/vaginal) to you back and the second one (throat) to your chest. Sticky tape? But not much movements will be possible.

Any other ideas?

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  1. I’m sure if you were semi-electrically minded, it wouldn’t be very difficult to hook up a speed controller to the motor. I’ve done it. I designed and built my very own Venus 2K using a gear motor and a plunger. I purchased a speed controller from Minarik Drives. Their tech support was extremely helpful answering questions, and helping me select the correct controller for the motor I had bought. It was inexpensive, easy to hookup, and has worked flawlessly ever since. I’d highly recommend them if you want to attempt this.

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