Atsuko Kudo, dressing for pleasure and transparent latex lingerie

What does make more influence on the image? A person or clothes that person is wearing? And does the material the clothes is made from make difference?

Here’s the approach of Atsuko Kudo. They slowly dress a model in transparent latex lingerie. (“Armour for Prostitutes” in SHOWstudio’s “Selling Sex” exhibition).

And what a transformation! From Sweet Gwendoline to Catwoman! They called it “Dressing for Pleasure” (I’m not sure if the model was pleased to wear latex, I had a great fun of watching the process ;-), but I would call it “Dressing to Change”.

Or “Dress to be tied”. I wish they proceeded with tying and gagging her at the same slow pace. Yes, particular clothes provoke further actions. (And we are back to this topic).

See 42 screen captures (some prefer stills to videos) and the video below. See also:

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