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Men in tights RSS stream. Pantyhose as a fashion statement

This RSS stream is dedicated to pantyhose as a normal (read “typical”, “usual”, “everyday”) part of men’s clothes. Men’s legs do deserve to look cool!

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 42. Clothes you can not put on.

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If you can’t take a certain piece of clothes off, we call it “lockable clothes“, right? But what if you can put a certain piece of clothes on? E.g. panties, like in this part of “Nana to Kaoru”?

I remember a story, told me by a girl who was wearing just a long t-shirt and slippers at home (no panties). Unexpected visitors (just friends, no aliens or abductors) suddenly took her for a short walk outside (she did not have time to “fix” her clothes), but then they suggested to visit someone else, etc., etc.

Finally she returned back home only many hours later after walking, travelling across the whole city and visiting various friends and shops, wearing just a t-shirt an a pair of slippers. Fun? ;)

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Latex stockings. Part IV. Glue vs garter belts

latex-stockings-17See Part I, Part II and Part III.

Latex stockings is perhaps not an overly popular fashion attribute but rather a mainstream fetish one and they are definitely belong to the top five latex things you have to buy first, along with gloves, panties, skirt and bra (if you’re a girl).

The question is – how to keep stockings in place? I do not like garter belts, because the stockings pull them down and the suspenders overstretch the latex and damage precious stockings. Simon O have special designs with reinforced holes, but the holes do not solve the rest of the problems. And garters do not always go with the rest of the outfit.

Some time ago I saw some shops sell a special glue to stick latex stockings and gloves to the skin. The glue could be removed with water and soap. There was even an ad in Marquise magazine. Does anybody know if such glue can be found anywhere?

BTW, there’s a related forum thread for using glue for self-encasing: ‘Permanent’ pantyhose encasement experiment gone wrong

Update: body adhesive on eBay – will it work?

See 10 photos below.

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Black sheer pantyhose. Part IV

black-sheer-pantyhose-36-red-shoesSee all related posts.

I hate shopping. The only thing what keeps me somehow interested is looking for pretty girls and slender legs in pantyhose. Despite the weather I have succeeded. Mostly black opaques, but some sheer ones with mini shorts, mini skirts or mini dresses. No photos, though. But see 10 photos made by other people.

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Stockings. Part IV. Art and manga and Erection of the day

stockings-art-31-latexLast couple of weeks I was looking for photos or drawings that would produce some twitching sensations in the area tightly squeezed by my shiny pantyhose. Ironically it was a drawing depicting latex stockings. “The area” found the image very exciting :D

But if “your areas” do not agree, I added 15 more pictures below. Please let me know which one works for you ;-)

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New latex Simon O collection on eBay. Anything for Christmas?

Updated on Dec 04, 2012 @ 19:55: One day left!

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 @ 01:55: I bet you guessed why my eBay post activity has become more active ;-) Christmas is approaching! I’m looking for a present for myself. My wife also wants to find me something fetishy, but she does not know what I would like to get exactly. The problem is that I do not know either ;-)

And here’s a new opportunity: new Simon O collection on eBay!

Simon O is my favourite latex manufacturer and they never stop surprising me with new latex designs. This time it’s the unique catsuit (see the featured photo) with built-in full-fashioned stockings (transparent latex) and a leotard that looks differently from the rear or front. Also notice how it changes the silhouette. Quite amazing… BTW, it’s a prototype, the suit is not in production (yet?).

Another interesting item is the male bondage hooded strait-jacket-leotard. If the catsuit is too small for me, I may try to win this leotard. Not sure if I can use it alone, though. TTD, you there? What an ideal bondage addition to [read more…]

Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part XII

See previous parts here.

I have a habit to shove an arm down my pantyhose, so the arm gets squeezed by tight transparent nylon against my thigh. I love both the feeling and the view. Nothing really pervy or kinky, just a way to look at the tip of my nose ;-) And the photo on the left reminds me about this.

Does anybody else have similar little habits?

See 14 photos below and upload yours in the Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography forum thread.

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 23. More naked than bare

See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Another point. Indeed some clothes make you look and feel more naked than if there were no clothes at all. Strange feeling…

… 15 years ago a daughter of my boss came to the office. I can’t say we knew each other very good or were close friends, no, but over some time we developed a funny habit to jokingly insult each other at any convenient moment. Not something what you would do with a boss’ kid, but that was me after all ;-)

She was wearing a skirt (~6-8cm above her knees) and thin very sheer and slightly shimmering skin colored pantyhose. [read more…]

Ideal transparent latex dress for fetish fashion and (self)bondage

What: semi-transparent smoky black latex pin-up mini-dress from Westward Bound

Where: the item, Westward Bound shop

Why:You know, I’m a big fan of transparent and semi-transparent latex, but this time this is not the reason.

Unlike many other pin-up dresses, I would say that this dress must be in every fetish wardrobe, whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Just like latex stockings, latex gloves or latex strings you can wear this dress with virtually everything or without anything and you will have a complete outfit.

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Latex leotard plus stockings look catsuit from Simon O on eBay

Speed up! This new leotard/stockings-look catsuit from Simon O (see more photos here) is currently on eBay:

Latex Catsuit Simon O

Size: height 165-170cm, 90-68-92
If bought from Simon O shop: 429 euro
Features: lockable zip, 0.4mm latex

I wish the sizes were mine…