Katharine McPhee in pantyhose

kathrine_mcphee-02-black-pantyhose-back-seamsI do not watch either American Idol or Smash, so the name Katharine McPhee meant nothing to me until I saw her in a YouTube music video together with Chris Botti. She was not wearing pantyhose with her mini dress and high-heels, so I started searching the Internet.

Like most celebrities, she does not have such things as nylons in her wardrobe. Commercial shootings are a different story, though. I managed to find this photo of her wearing black back-seamed sheer pantyhose that was made for “Stuff” magazine. Did you notice the difference in the reinforced toe area on different photos? I wonder why they couldn’t found “sandal foot” pantyhose.

See Katharine McPhee on eBay (including that “Stuff” magazine with Katherine on the cover).

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