Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 42. Clothes you can not put on.

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If you can’t take a certain piece of clothes off, we call it “lockable clothes“, right? But what if you can put a certain piece of clothes on? E.g. panties, like in this part of “Nana to Kaoru”?

I remember a story, told me by a girl who was wearing just a long t-shirt and slippers at home (no panties). Unexpected visitors (just friends, no aliens or abductors) suddenly took her for a short walk outside (she did not have time to “fix” her clothes), but then they suggested to visit someone else, etc., etc.

Finally she returned back home only many hours later after walking, travelling across the whole city and visiting various friends and shops, wearing just a t-shirt an a pair of slippers. Fun? 😉

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