Latex, Pret-a-Porte (Ready-to-Wear) and Hussein Chalayan- part 1

Haute couture and heavy rubber have definitely something in common. At least one thing – no relation to the everyday life. The percentage of the exceptions are far outside of the (Gaussian) standard deviation (pun intended 🙂

In other words, how can you introduce latex into your street, office, casual, evening clothes? Let’s ask professionals!

In his fall 2007 collection Hussein Chalayan showed that latex stockings and latex leggings can be worn with pretty much everything and look neither pervy nor freaky. The models were wearing the latex garment made by Atsuko Kudo throughout the whole show. Notice the absence of ugly folds you can find on cheap stuff many people complain about. If you want to wear latex in public – look for quality. The downside is – the quality is expensive.

See 46 photo and a video below.

Photos by Style.Com

3 thoughts on “Latex, Pret-a-Porte (Ready-to-Wear) and Hussein Chalayan- part 1”

  1. Hmm, very interesting – but are they practical? (Do we care?)

    Love the look of those leggings/tights/??? – but just know they are going to be way expensive because of their designer labels

    Oh well – one can but dream….


  2. Practical? You’re joking! Of course!!!

    … not …


    Fashion is not about practicality but about the monkey syndrome. And, yeah, the quality of the stockings is stunning…

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