Fetish fashion, Escher’s suspenders and Möbius’ pantyhose

fishnet-pantyhose-stockings-latex-mini-skirt-corset-01Layering is always interesting, but what I’ve never seen before is that how layers are intentionally “confused”, what makes them look almost like Escher’s impossible drawings or Möbius’ one-side surfaces.

Let’s begin with the fishnets downwards then upwards and downwards again: fishnets, stockings, suspenders, corset, latex skirt, fishnets. But ain’t suspenders supposed to be worn under skirt? The mini skirt is trapped between the suspenders and fishnets. You can not get the fishnet pantyhose off, because they are trapped by the stockings and the corset. Etc.

And yet you clearly see every layer. Even the fishnets “through” the latex or sheer stockings.

Nice, very creative, love it!

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