Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose and stockings

olga_kurylenko-in-pantyhose-11I noticed a promotional visit (and photo session) of Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko to somewhere (why do I think it was Moscow?). And guess what I noticed first? Pantyhose! Only like 10cm between Olga’s skirt and the bottom of the frame, but it was enough to start searching.

The result is below: more than 30 photos of Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose, stockings, catsuits and high heels (no Tom Cruise in pantyhose, sorry :D )

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Italy and pantyhose. Part 1. Ipercoop.

IMG_1488-bought-pantyhoseWhat country can you call a “pantyhose-land” (in terms of manufacturing, not waring)? 20-25 years ago I would say “France” with no hesitation (“French pantyhose” was a very “stable” word construction). But now I would gibe the “gold award” to both Italy and Germany.

Mixed feelings about Italy. Italy is not “cheap” at all. For similar products they charge more than in NL or DE. But they sell the cheapest pantyhose in West Europe. Yet pretty much “wearable”. The colours suck, though (mostly black, grey and greyish skin-coloured).

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Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part XIV

pantyhose-stockings-black-and-white-236See previous parts here.

More close-ups and “partial views” today. Which one is your favourite this time?

See 12 photos below.

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Would you wear the same fetish clothes in public if… Demotivators of the day

men-in-pantyhose-404Latex is just a material, there is nothing wrong in wearing latex in public“, “Yes, I wear these clothes in public. And to the office too“, “I never get any bad comments about my outfit“, “Nobody will notice anything“.

You’ve heard that before, right? Or possibly it was you who said that? OK, at least I did and do. Usually I ask two questions (but and never get answers, ha-ha…).

The first one is mostly addressed to women:

Would you wear these clothes if you knew that nobody would see you?

The second is definitely for men (we know what happens with our self-bondage or bondage mood when this happens :D ):
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Thong leotard with pantyhose-look catsuits for men on eBay

catsuit-for-men-04“Officially” these catsuits are called “sport thermal underwear”. Yes, “officially”. But let’s count “familiar” details and create a short check list:

  • 84% polyamide, 16% lycra
  • catsuit
  • shiny
  • tight
  • “footed” (“built-in” tights)
  • high-neck thong swimsuit pattern (“built-in” high-cut leotard)
  • swimsuit with shiny pantyhose look (for men!!!)
  • crotch zip
  • built for “package”

What’s not to love? I would add gloves (or rather thumbless mittens, think of pantyhose on arms) and a hood. But to be honest, the existing design is more practical. Oh yeah, these suits disappear from eBay rather quickly, so check SkinCov shop periodically.

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Fetish fashion, Escher’s suspenders and Möbius’ pantyhose

fishnet-pantyhose-stockings-latex-mini-skirt-corset-01Layering is always interesting, but what I’ve never seen before is that how layers are intentionally “confused”, what makes them look almost like Escher’s impossible drawings or Möbius’ one-side surfaces.

Let’s begin with the fishnets downwards then upwards and downwards again: fishnets, stockings, suspenders, corset, latex skirt, fishnets. But ain’t suspenders supposed to be worn under skirt? The mini skirt is trapped between the suspenders and fishnets. You can not get the fishnet pantyhose off, because they are trapped by the stockings and the corset. Etc.

And yet you clearly see every layer. Even the fishnets “through” the latex or sheer stockings.

Nice, very creative, love it!

Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part XIII

Black stockingsSee previous parts here.

There is definitely something magical about stockings. See 12 photos below.

As always – which one do you like most?

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Katharine McPhee in pantyhose

kathrine_mcphee-02-black-pantyhose-back-seamsI do not watch either American Idol or Smash, so the name Katharine McPhee meant nothing to me until I saw her in a YouTube music video together with Chris Botti. She was not wearing pantyhose with her mini dress and high-heels, so I started searching Internet.

Like most celebrities she does not have such things as nylons in her wardrobe. Commercial shootings is a different story, though. I managed to find this photo of her wearing black back-seamed sheer pantyhose that was made for “Stuff” magazine. Did you notice the difference in the reinforced toe area on different photos? I wonder why they couldn’t found “sandal foot” pantyhose.

See Katharine McPhee on eBay (including that “Stuff” magazine with Katherine on the cover).

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Simon O latex sale on eBay

str-haro-gal2For some reason I did not get a notification about and almost missed the latest Simon O sale on eBay.

In my opinion the most interesting things in this list are:

  • latex back seamed fishnet-print stockings (see the close-up!)
  • orange latex catsuit with feet and lockable zip
  • leotard and back-seamed stockings-look latex catsuit with a push-up effect at thighs (does anybody have a better idea how to call it?)
  • transparent latex catsuit (cosmetic latex)
  • think latex pantyhose for men
  • high waisted hot-pants

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Less is more. Latex stockings, red heels, wine and toilet

latex-stockings-40-red-heels-toiletHere’s a combination of latex stockings, red heels, wine and toilet. You can’t see nothing more than legs below the knee. But you do imagine something, do you? What is it?