pantyhose encasement in public“Doctor, I like sausages.”
“Sausages? Hm… There is nothing wrong about it. A lot of people like sausages. I like them too.”
“Really? Great! Do you want to have a look at my collection?”

If you like pantyhose, you can’t have them enough. There’s no such thing as enough of pantyhose. You want them on your legs, arms, body, head, everywhere. You want many layers. You want them tight, you want them slippery. You want them inside, you want them to gag you. You want them to encase you in a shimmering cocoon.

Oooph… sorry, got distracted by my own imagination. (Though spicing up your life with an extra pair of nylons is not gonna harm anybody.) I was just going to remind you about two forum photo threads:

See also pantyhose encasement on eBay.

Do not forget to check them periodically and upload your favourite photos.