Let’s check the milestones:
-0kg – 3 weeks ago
-1kg – 2 weeks ago
-2kg – 1 week ago
-3kg – 0 week ago

The last week the method was changed because I was travelling. No trainings, but self-bondage, sleep deprivation, more stress, fresh air and less food.

All five are related. And this is how.

9:00 – get up
9:05 – cleaning the room up (hiding latex, nylon, bondage toys)
9:25 – shower
9:30 – breakfast
10:00 – 22:00 usual business/shops/walk in the forest/mountains/sightseeing
12:30 – lunch
22:00 – something to eat, but very light
22:30 – self-bondage session preparations
01:00 – finally bound!
03:00 – cleaning up
04:00 – bedtime

±1 hour

As you can see, if you are travelling on business, there is no many opportunities to eat. Self-bondage requires that you do not eat at least 2 hours in advance (better 3). Also it keeps you alert, does not let you sleep much (but fresh air from the mountains keeps your head clean), makes you spend hours in preparation and tucking everything out of sight, trains the muscles you never use in your usual life, requires that your heart and vessels are in good form and your brain functions properly ;-)

Self-bondage is a risky sport, that keeps you fit, focused and trained ;-)