2 kg in two weeks or spring and what now?

Yes, 2 kg since this post and 1kg since this one. The method works. The only problem is … I caught a cold, so have to reduce the amount of trainings again.

This always happens with the first warm days and last Thursday it was +20°C here. Back to +11, though. The girls on the streets did not even have time to switch to the proper clothes (read: miniskirts and sheer pantyhose) and it’s rainy and gloomy again.

What now, then? Looks like I will have to travel again and the latex order I made two months ago is going to miss this “business trip event” (see this post). So, I will have to rely upon my old stuff (less the silver latex leotard which must be repaired – I noticed a 1cm hole in a sleeve).

Any ideas, requests, suggestions for possible hotel self-bondage sessions are very welcome.

One thought on “2 kg in two weeks or spring and what now?”

  1. sounds like you need to get yourself strapped onto one of those “bondage gyms” that we had some cartoon art of a while back, that way youre forced to get into shape 😛

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