Yes, 2 kg since this post and 1kg since this one. The method works. The only problem is … I caught a cold, so have to reduce the amount of trainings again.

This always happens with the first warm days and last Thursday it was +20°C here. Back to +11, though. The girls on the streets did not even have time to switch to the proper clothes (read: miniskirts and sheer pantyhose) and it’s rainy and gloomy again.

What now, then? Looks like I will have to travel again and the latex order I made two months ago is going to miss this “business trip event” (see this post). So, I will have to rely upon my old stuff (less the silver latex leotard which must be repaired – I noticed a 1cm hole in a sleeve).

Any ideas, requests, suggestions for possible hotel self-bondage sessions are very welcome.