Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 17. B, (D), S&M and sport

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Another point. For some reason physical culture, physical education, physical training, or, simply put, gym classes are completely left out in BDSM literature. If I’m wrong, please give me a couple of examples. It would be interesting to know what they recommend. However, the importance of stamina, flexibility, strength or being fit cannot be overestimated.

Kaoru in manga “Nana and Kaoru” says: “In S&M relationships, S must be stronger, than M”. Actually, in the D&S relationships the physical strength plays a lesser role, than the strength of the spirit. I’m not sure if the translation is fully correct here. I thought that BDSM or S&M terms were borrowed from the West. Most likely, in the traditional Japanese bondage culture they use “tori(an “active” partner, the one who performs the technique) and “uke” (a “passive” partner, the receiver of the technique). I prefer to use these terms, because such terminology does not imply that one should be dominant and another one submissive or a “slave”, or that one (S) likes to inflict pain to another one (M) (Though I prefer bondage (just the letter “B” in BDSM and the role of uke). In martial arts tori and uke constantly swap their roles and only the experience makes them visibly uneven (e.g. grades or colour belts).

But back to sport. I would call bondage and especially self-bondage an extreme sport. In bondage all what uke has to do is to relax and be flexible (yoga?). In self-bondage you are both tori and uke. You must be well trained, well prepared, you must know your abilities, the techniques, the equipment and have to thoroughly think over what you are going to do. Very close to mountain climbing.

And … Wouldn’t you wear fetish clothes more often if you were fit and looking good? 😉

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