Pantyhose sale and pantyhose labeling

Kunert, Falke, Oroblu pantyhoseI very rarely pay full price for pantyhose. Usually we go directly to the “sale” stands which always exist in the big warehouses. This is what I bought a couple days ago in Kaufhof and Karstadt (see the photo). As an example: beautiful Falke pantyhose discounted from €22 to €3!

In this case almost all nylons went to my wife and daughter. And here’s a question. In our family 3 persons wear pantyhose, we all have three different sizes, but the brands/styles/colours are sometimes are exactly the same, what leads to size confusion. Unless there are built-in labels (Wolford), you can’t determine the owner of tights (after washing, for example) until you try them on.

Guessed the question? How do you label the hose to avoid the confusion? Permanent markers? Textile labels?

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