Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 21. What real bondage and self-bondage are.

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Another point. So, you are all dressed up, bound and gagged. Nice, eh? Agree, a good beginning. But imagine the situation when you can be quickly released at your wish at any moment. For example, not strict and not “timed” selfbondage or also not strict, not tight and “very safeworded” bondage.

Yes, it’s still a huge fun, you can wriggle around, moan in your gag, try to tighten or loosen ropes or push the plugs in or out… But at the first sight of tiredness, boredom or immediately after:”Children! Stop playing! Lunch time!” your bondage and latex (or lycra if you wish) outfit are miraculously undone. Don’t you feel that the orgasm was obviously faked, the weapons and armour were plastic stage props, the black caviar was dyed millet, and generally something was not right?

The actual or real bondage begins when you do want out, but you can’t. You do not know when (or if?) you will be released. You want to go to the bathroom, but you are locked in your bedroom. You want to pee, but the only way to pee is down your own throat or on the bed, the enema wants out, but you are tightly plugged, you are leaking from all sides but instead of going to the shower you crawl to another room (floor?) to get the key to your locked leotard, gag, helmet or handcuffs.

Yeah, this is what (self)bondage is about.

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