Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part III. Fetish and bondage stories

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Apart from fetish and bondage pictures there were fetish and bondage stories and novels. As I mentioned, back in 90’s I did not have Internet access at home and had to print out found materials (it was always very difficult, because we have one public printer for our office) to enjoy them on the way home or when I had a spare minute (e.g. laying in the bath).

I still remember several stories. One was about Catwoman and Batgirl. This theme is very popular, so I cannot find THAT one. I remember one moment, when Batgirl received a package with a leotard. When she put it on and zipped it up, the magnets in the sleeves tightly locked her arms behind her back like a single-glove. Then the padded collar of the leotard moved forward, gagged the poor girl and tightened. And finally the whole construction began to bend down.

Another novel was called Rubber something and was about a pair (a man and a woman) who appeared in a fetish and bondage house and were placed in various outfits and mechanisms (like the enema wheel and latex womb).

And finally “The adventures of Terri and Jennifer”. This one I finally managed to find and am currently republishing on this site. See it in the Bondage and Self-Bondage Tales section.

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