-4kg! Probably, one kilo more and enough

I lost one more kilo since this post. Took 6 weeks. One vacation week with lots of walking and the rest is usual training plus added trainings with weights. The total result is from 78 to 74 in two months with practically no changes in food. Actually, I think I’ve never eaten so much bread (baguettes, to be more precise) as during the last vacation. Hey, it was France after all! You can’t stop eating in France!

If you think that 4 kg is not that much, go to the nearest market and ask a butcher to show you what 4kg of fat looks like 😉 4kg is 5% of my total weight and I can feel it. I can move easier. I see that I can’t wear the jeans I bought recently without a belt. That also means that my latex outfit will not be overstretched and I will look better on the photos (no photos – no bondage 😉

BTW, still nobody answered the question I asked in this article:

Would you wear fetish clothes more often if you had a more sporty figure?

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