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  MJ-SB03/2019 – A tale of ice, chains and rope
Posted by: madjack - Today, 07:55 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (3)

At last I felt confident that I wouldn’t be interrupted by the un-announced return of my GF, so it was time to add a proper ‘helplessness’ element to my self-bondage. Bring on the ice-cubes! 

x2 Tan pantyhose suit (no hood or gloves)
Gloss tan tights (Aristoc I think)
Body Control mini-dress
Cock cage
Vibrator and digital timer
5inch heels
Long Lycra gloves
Ring gag and ball
Leather wrist and ankle cuffs
Leather collar
Bra and silicon breast forms
Large purple butt-plug
Rope ratchet, ice-release bag and ice-cubes
Shackles and chains

The session:
A quick text exchange with my GF had innocently (I hope!) revealed she was fully committed to her work for the rest of the day and that gave me the confidence to go for some proper helplessness in my next self-bondage scene.

I love chair ties and have been thinking of ways to improve on how I make the final steps to true helplessness better and less risky – the challenge for me was to move away from a ‘hands-behind’ tie, as these are only comfortable for short times before either my shoulders start to complain or else my upper arms become really painfully pressed against the chair. The solution came from browsing through some older self-bondage pictures posted on Flickr by a person I’ve followed for years, who has some very impressive images of their attire and bondage sessions. By arranging a bar crosswise across the back of the chair I could bind my hands in front of my body, but still be tied to the chair – hopefully this will become clear in the following pictures.
ice1.jpg thumbnail   
You can see I’ve swopped back to a standard chair, with a strong plastic 50mm pipe lashed to the chair top. I’ve also pre-tied a few bits of rope to use later. I didn’t need to tie the short spreader bar in place, my body-weight would hold that securely, but I did wrap a little rope to stop it sliding side-to-side. What you can’t see is the ice-release which is secured to a substantial piece of furniture with two cubes slowly melting in their bag, the exit and my freedom blocked by a small metal ring. The rope ratchet was fixed to the bag so that I could tighten it up, but only escape when the ice released it.
ice2.jpg thumbnail   
One again I dressed in my bodysuits and tights as in the MJ-SB02/2019 session – and my ass was well stuffed with my biggest plug. As is almost always the case these days I was also wearing my bra and boobs, over which I’d pulled on the mini-dress/control top, then tightly laced on my corset. A stocking went over my head, a ball in my mouth followed by a second stocking and then my wig. I finished of with my 5inch heels and some leg cuffs.  
ice3.jpg thumbnail   
I was planning to include some stimulation, but wasn’t desperate to cum, so after rolling a condom on my cock I had also encased it in a knee-high before locking it tightly into my cock-cage (I won’t call it a chastity cage as when used like this I can get very, very erect, however it does seem to make it harder to cum) – what I love most about this cage is the strap that goes around my ball sack and is locked onto the main cage. I try to tighten that as much as possible as the feelings it creates are very arousing (at least to me!).  
My cock and balls where pulled forward from under my clothing onto the chair seat (one suit was already open-crotch the other and the tights had conveniently developed holes in the appropriate place which I’d opened a little more to allow everything to ‘hang-out’. I added a ring-gag to keep the ball in my mouth and also a leather collar around my neck.
overcomplicated.JPG thumbnail   
A final touch was to attach the vibrator to my cock – this is an area I often struggle to get right, either failing to get the contact of vibrator to cock correct or else completely messing up the process and finding that the vibrator works off as it buzzes away. Both outcomes are incredibly frustrating and can dampen an otherwise great session (because I’m stuck with my error for at least 30-40mins, which gives me a long time to rue my failure!)
ice4.jpg thumbnail    ice5.jpg thumbnail   
Time to get roping! I hooked my ankles up onto the spreader bar, locking them in place with the shackles through the leg cuffs. Next, I lashed my thighs and waist to the chair – this is an intrinsic element to my helplessness and I find the tightening of rope over my thighs very erotic. I also clipped the rope-ratchet to my collar, to keep it safe and to-hand for later.
ice6.jpg thumbnail   
The final stages where to pull on gloves, strap a pair of leather wrist cuffs on and reach for the chains. I clipped one end of each chain to a cuff and then joined the two chains in front of me to the free end of the rope ratchet. Next, I worked my elbows behind the bar tied to the top of chair back. All that remained to do was pull on the other end of the rope ratchet to slowly tighten up the chains as they where pulled away from me. Oh how I love that ‘click-click-click’ sound as my fate is slowly sealed.
ice8.jpg thumbnail    ice7.JPG thumbnail   
Now I was trapped by my own devices – the tension on the chain pulled my elbows into the bar and my wrists forwards and away from my body. I couldn’t reach my opposite wrists to unclip the chain or undo the cuffs. My feet where lifted from the floor and my body lashed down to the chair.
As I enjoyed my helplessness the vibrator cut in for the first of it’s 8 cycles. Oh my, I’d forgotten how good it felt to be bound and tormented with no easy escape.
The only cloud on my horizon was a failure to properly secure the vibrator, resulting in a much lighter contact than I’d planned – sweet frustration and damnable torment at the same time!!
As the vibrator reached it’s 5th or possibly 6th cycle (it is easy to lose track when you’re having fun) my frustration proved to great and I manged to work my elbows out from the bar and partially freed myself.
ice9.jpg thumbnail    bice2.jpg thumbnail   
I was disappointed that I’d managed to escape and quickly tried a variation on my bondage. Instead of the chains simply going forwards to be pulled in a sort of ‘U’ shape away from me, I threaded the chain through a D-ring in my collar, forming a more ‘Y’ shape through the collar ring. This proved to be much more effective and when I pulled the ratchet tight, I couldn’t move my elbows to slide them off the end of the bar that trapped me. Much better!
What went well?
Just being properly helpless was such a thrill – it had been far too long since I’d last experienced that.

The experiment with using a bar, behind my elbows, as part of a chair tie worked better than I’d expected and the second attempt was a real winner. There was a unexpected bonus that the use of the collar caused my head to be slightly bowed down in a very submissive pose. And it meant that the drool from my gagged mouth dripped onto my cock...

I love having my feet lifted up from the floor, it really does add an element of helplessness – this chair tie is one example, but I’ve also involved this in other ties and it is equally erotic to me.
What could be improved?
I missed the dress riding up and that slightly spoilt the aesthetics of what I was striving for – lessons learnt and I will try to avoid any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ next time! 

The vibrator attachment, with subsequent slipping and poor contact against my cock is something I need to sort out – achieving frustration by design is one thing, but being frustrated by a technical failure is not the outcome I’m seeking.
All things considered this was another successful session, despite a couple of mis-fires, and there was more learning to improve future adventures.
Hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed experiencing it for real – with a bit of luck and some free time there should be a video out soon too.
Play safe

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  Web-controlled spanking-machine
Posted by: occorics - Yesterday, 19:37 - Forum: General - Replies (8)

I just realized that i never posted my spanking-machine here, did I? But it's never too late...

20180218_121207.jpg thumbnail   

it works like this:
- the arm is held in place by the electro-magnet
- the stepper-motor tightens the bungee-cords to the chosen level
- the stroke is administered when the magnet is turned off
- to arm again, the motor releases the bungee-cord and the wheel is pulled back by the red rubber cord until the arm is caught by the magnet

the picture shows the first iteration. The red rubber cord wore out quickly and I replaced it with a spring, but most of all, the machine broke all canes after a few strokes, so i'm using Delrin rods now which work awesome!
The machine can be controlled online and my Mistress and i had a lot of fun with it, but it always hit in the same place, which caused my skin to break pretty quickly. I could mitigate it a bit by moving around, but that defeats the idea of being helplessly bound while I'm spanked.

Then i found a motor-cycle lift that had exactly the right size and equipped it with another stepper-motor. Now the height can be adjusted from my upper cheeks down to the mid of my thighs (ouch!).

20190429_143815.jpg thumbnail    20190429_142731.jpg thumbnail   

To give you an idea how effective it is, this is after only 30 strokes, starting at 45% and ramping up to 70%...
20190510_212823.jpg thumbnail   

When I'm bound to the spanking-bench (also equipped with online-controllable electro-magnets) and blindfolded, i can hear the motors, but never know whether it's getting armed or going up or down. When the stroke is released, it's almost noiseless. Just a clack and a swish and while I realize it, it has already happened...

occorics_spanking_machine-01.mp4 (Size: 1.46 MB )

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  Ideas for a self-bound VR session
Posted by: analking69 - 19 May 2019, 18:35 - Forum: Hypnosis and Hypno-fetish - Replies (3)

Hi there, I've recently been thinking about doing a self-bondage session where I'm forced to watch videos through a VR headset. Currently struggling to find a series of videos to fit the task. If anyone has any ideas for my session or links to videos, that would be so much help. Thank you.

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  MJ-SB02/2019 – The Wig of Orange on a throne of wood
Posted by: madjack - 19 May 2019, 10:50 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (3)

There was no putting it off, I had to get the ropes out and undertake a more stringent self-bondage session. To add a new element to the ‘look’ of my session, I also decided to give my wig a test run.

x2 Tan pantyhose suit (no hood or gloves)
Gloss tan tights (Aristoc I think)
Wet-look Leotard
5inch heels
Long Lycra gloves
Ring gag
Bra and silicon breast forms
Large butt-plug
Wooden bar stool

The session:
I was still nervous about an unexpected return by my GF, so my self-bondage was not going to include a timed release, but I did want to try out some different things. I was still wearing my bra and breast, but the penis butt-plug was replaced by my largest plug – I’m always surprised that once I’m ‘in the zone’ this plug goes in so easily. I also quickly tucked away my cock and balls (practise makes this easier each time) holding them in place with a combination of the two pantyhose suits. Over all that I pulled on my favourite pair of glossy tights, with their control top ensuring everything stayed in place.

My next clothing item was what I had always considered to be a failed purchase. It’s a turtle-neck wet-look leotard, but it’s too small and come sup short in the body length. This means I can’t fasten the crotch and so even though it always felt wonderful over my chest and looked great I could never figure out how to wear it. For this session I wondered if it could be used as a simple top, so gave it a go. To help hold it in place (and because I’m becoming a bit of corset wearing fetishist) I tightly laced my corset over the top.

To complete my outfit, I slipped into a short skirt (‘rescued’ from one of my GF’s periodical clear-outs), eased into my heels, covered my head with a couple of pairs of stockings and donned the wig. I was worried that the wig might slip, so used my ring gag to try and hold everything in place.

chair1.jpg thumbnail   

To be quite honest I quite liked the look.

chair2.jpg thumbnail    chair3.jpg thumbnail    chair4.jpg thumbnail   

Time to add rope, and I had a fair supply to play with! Nothing overly complex with my bondage, just lots of loops around my legs and cinching them tight (including the top of my thighs, hidden under the skirt)

chair5.JPG thumbnail    chair6.JPG thumbnail   

I added a few turns around my waist, though being over the top of my tight corset they didn’t feel very strict! I bound my arms to my body with more loops of rope, cinched tight.

chair7.jpg thumbnail    chair8.jpg thumbnail    chair9.jpg thumbnail   

On went my gloves (I struggle to work the rope with them on, so leave wearing them for as long as possible) and I finished my bondage with a simple, but tight, wrist tie using a ‘figure of eight’ technique plus a final cinch to secure everything in place.

Oh my, that felt good! I revelled in my helplessness and posed for the camera as it clicked away taking shots every 30seconds. 

What went well?

The ‘too small’ leotard worked surprisingly well and reprieved it from the charity donation fate I had planned for it. It did look a little untidy until I covered it with the corset and skirt. Looks like it will be a ‘keeper’ now. 

Tucked and plugged – this might just be personal taste, but I’m starting to become a big fan of combining a large plug with a decent cock and ball ‘tuck’. There is something very attractive about the smooth look the tuck produces and I LOVE the feelings I get when bouncing up and down on the chair (or any other object) trying to gain some stimulation from the plug. I have managed to cum in this position (not in this session) and the feeling is incredible – something I plan to experiment with more and more if I can find the time. For the record, I still love having a rock hard erection to play with, it’s just that this is different in a good way.

Corset wearing is now my very favourite thing and I will write up a separate piece on this subject, but for now I will say that the thrill of pulling those laces tighter and tighter, restricting movement and breathing, is just so amazing to me.
Bar chair – this worked surprisingly well and is a good change from my usual chair. The added height makes applying ropes a little bit easier, whilst once I’m helplessly point the height become a challenge to keep my balance when I fidget and move about. 

What could be improved?

The skirt was great, but it is quite thick and so very warm to wear. I shall be looking out for a similar length skirt that is lighter and easier to wear for a longer session. I think I would still like on that I can belt in place, but might consider a Lycra one too.

My boobs are too small or else my chest rope-work needs improving! I wanted to create an ‘above and below’ chest rope bondage, using my boobs to keep the rope loops apart. However, you can see in the pictures that the ropes moved together into a single band – still very tight, but not the look I wanted. 

Adding a delay to my release – I deliberately didn’t include a delayed release in this session, but I will add one to a future chair tie like this.

Another fun session completed, with my arousal levels now through the roof! I needed to take a break to complete a few ‘chores’ around the house and to download the photos I’d taken, but my head was buzzing with plans for my next challenge.


Ps. I also have a video of this session - would you folks be interesting in seeing it?

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  MJ-SB01/2019 – A Feast of Lycra
Posted by: madjack - 18 May 2019, 19:02 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (3)

This session was my first chance to really try out my new Zentai suit and the leotard/single-glove outfit. Personally, I lay all the blame for this outfit at Ra’s door, it was his championing of ‘A Huge sale on at AliExpress’ that finally broke down my resistance, leading to a number of impulse purchases. Two you will see here, but the third although massively sexy is too small for me (even in it’s 2XL size) – oh well… some you win. 

Nude Zentai suit with penis sheath
Leotard with single-arm glove
Lycra body-control top/dress
Cock rings (from chastity cage)
Ball-gag inside knee-high
Harness ball-gag
Ring gag
Lace panties
Bra and silicon breast forms
Penis shaped butt-plug

gear .jpg thumbnail   
The session:
I wasn’t planning any bondage for this session, but as soon as I slid the butt-plug inside me I couldn’t help but reach for my gags and handcuffs, adding them to the pile of clothing already piled on my bed. False boobs went on, inside the bra, then I zipped myself into the suit and added the cock rings.

gear new zentai.jpg thumbnail   

After a long sabbatical from anything remotely fetish related, I think you can tell that I was enjoying myself.
No time to waste so on with the leotard to see if it lived up to expectations.

gear new suit open.jpg thumbnail   

The leotard has a crotch zip which seems to be more biased to female anatomy, but as you can see still worked for me.

gear suit arm.jpg thumbnail    gear suit one arm.jpg thumbnail    gear suit two arm.jpg thumbnail    gear suit arms.jpg thumbnail   

The single arm/glove is attached to the leotard at the neck and has a zipper (for dual person play I guess) but the material is stretchy enough to leave the zip closed and slide my arms inside, one at a time. It felt very comfortable when I was ‘gloved’ and I could resist striking a few ‘poses’ for the camera.

gear suit hog.jpg thumbnail    gear suit spread.jpg thumbnail   

I was having so much fun that I imagined what it might feel like if I was properly bound either in a hog-tie or face down and spread open… phew I was enjoying those fantasies!

Time to try a change – off with the leotard and on with a tight body-shaper top that doubles as a very short, sexy dress, plus some lace panties that appealed to me for some reason (and I was teasing @bondagetom1 too) 

gear harness gag.jpg thumbnail    gear ring.jpg thumbnail   

I was messing around with gags, trying to decide which I preferred and imaging being bound. The harness gag was tried first; it was cheap and is now worn out, with stretched faux leather straps making it too easy to slide out of, though I still love the feeling of it tightened all around my head. The ring gag was next: this was suffering a similar fate, with stretched strap and all too easy to dislodge if I wanted to. It still makes me feel very ‘vulnerable’ with my mouth help open for anything to be inserted… 

gear ball 1.jpg thumbnail    gear cuffs 2.jpg thumbnail    gear cuffs.jpg thumbnail   

The frustration of the first two gags failures was driving me to distraction and so removed the cock rings and quickly ball-gagged myself, sealing the gag in with knee-high over my already encased head. The knee-high prevents removal of the gag without my hands, it’s impossible to ‘rub’ or ‘spit’ the gag out of my mouth, plus the elastic nylon ‘forces’ the ball back in whenever I try to eject it from my mouth – nice! I cuffed my hands and yes, I know – should have been behind my back, but I was having fun! 

I was playing with myself, but without a condom over my cock an orgasm would make a mess, so self-control was the order of the day – all very frustrating but good training and building the arousal even more!

What went well?

I was worried that the Zentai suit would be too big, but I found the fit to be just about right. Maybe it could have been a bit more ‘tailored’ but for the price I’m not going to complain. The sheath is a bonus and I hope to be able to make more use of it in future sessions.

The leotard was literally a last-minute impulse buy and I’m so glad I got it. I love the feel of the single-glove when I’m in it.
What could be improved?

The single-arm is easy to get into, but also easy to get out of. I’m sure I can work out something to add a degree of difficulty to my escape – initial thoughts include a simple waist strap arrangement to pin my arms to my back and a metal D-ring sewn onto the end of the ‘glove’ to enable me to draw my arms down/up/away/in as wished. Watch this space – my mind is buzzing with ideas.

I seriously need to invest in some new gags or find a good DIY pattern to build some from. I love the idea of a head-harness with chin-strap and some better straps/buckles. I’m sure I can fabricate something out of nylon – anyone out there got any suggestions or experience? 

Ring-gag wise I would really like something that was more of a tube, also with chin-strap or similar to prevent easy removal. In the perfect world I would have a head-harness with various types of gag I could attach (ring, ball, tube, penis – you get the picture). I know you can buy these, but they are quite pricey and I love doing things on a budget if I can! 

And so ends the first of my 2019 Home-alone sessions – I’m nicely aroused and desperate to try some more serious self-bondage that I know will interest @bondagetom1 and others, almost as much as they will torment me. 


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  Self-bondage scenario, flaccid unlock
Posted by: essanym - 15 May 2019, 07:12 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (9)

I was brainstorming last night, as I usually am, and I happened to think about self-bondage that you can't get out of while you have an erection.  Have any of you ever considered this?  What are some ways to build such a system?  Would any of you attempt such a thing?

When I'm in self-bondage, I'm usually able to have 3 orgasms in a row before I feel like I'm done and the erection is lost.  But even still, I can get out whenever I want.  When my girlfriend binds me, she forces me to have multiple orgasms before she lets me out so this would great way to be in that predicament while playing solo.

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Exclamation Sensory deprivation Audio Hood Tech
Posted by: samoisuk - 15 May 2019, 04:43 - Forum: Leather - Replies (7)

I've been experimenting and refining a rather special leather audio hood.
I have used the Fetters Audio hood as this is strong and serious! (and equipped for headphones).
The objective... Loss of sight (already provided)... Background (quality sound/noise) eg music, a terrible TV show, white noise...
...This background sound is then silenced at the moment my mistress speaks (into a tiny lapel microphone)
It all sounds easy...? but perhaps not...!
You want to be without trailing wires for sure.
So you could go portable radio/walkie talkie with ext headphones...
You can do better with Bluetooth. There are loads of tx/rx devices with optical and mic inputs allowing use of tv or hifi etc
I have finally settled on high quality motorbike rider to rider coms. A little pricey but fab!
Totaly helpless... You see nothing! You hear just noise (which you stop noticing) or worse still music or tv you hate... Until a powerful strict voice cuts through with menace. And you cant even place where from... In fact she may not even be in the room or the house!
Total control

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  Captive in the bathroom - part 1
Posted by: dolin - 14 May 2019, 20:51 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (1)

One of my most recent fantasies is to be bound in a straightjacket, gagged and sensory-depriived, chained to a wall and left like a slave.
Much like this: .

This session combines several of those  elements and stands as a (failed) attempt at a timed inescapable bondage.

My attire: thick blakc pantyhose ripped at the front and a shiny blue bycicle suit, in which I cut and sew a large opening to expose my genitals. On top I was wearing a steel chastity belt ( I wish it had a penis plug) and a D-shaped shackle as a ball stretcher, the first time I tried it.
20190514_152626.jpg thumbnail    20190514_152638.jpg thumbnail   

On my head, in order: earplugs, an old swimsuit cap, a red faceless lycra hood from a broken zentai suit and this:
20190514_152915.jpg thumbnail   
I like the concept of this hood very much, but it's quite a pain to lace up tight and often I just haphazardly tighten it and just buckle the collar. This turned out to be a small mistake, more on that later.
Moreover, the blindfold can be slid off the eye holes by rubbing your head against a wall. I'm planning to river a belt on my forehead ot keep it in place.

Here is the main bondage tool: my own straight-harness, all tangled up. 
20190514_152858.jpg thumbnail   
This time I tried a recent addition: instead of using the elbow straps to secure my elbows to the waist loop I devised a pair of shackles (two large dog collars) and two straps pulling the shackles towards a ring at the back of the harness and then looping at the front to press my arms againt my body.
This way there is a single buckle securing your elbows, which ideally sits central on the chest and out of reach of struggling hands.

I would tie my legs and knees with collars and carabiners, they were out of frame.

20190514_152934.jpg thumbnail   

I relied on the computer tray release as a primary escame method, attaching the keys to the padlocks to a weighted strap which falls down as the tray is opened. The timer is randomised between 60 and 90 minutes.
The secondary release was another set of keys frozen in ice. 

I also tried a new camera setup: using this software  I took pictures every second from two different webcams: one integrated in my laptop and another dangling from an overhead strap, the same one that keeps the primary keys out of reach.
The laptop wasn't tilted down far enough, and I ended up recording mostly my bathroom door.

Donning the harness:
image33.jpg thumbnail   

Then wearing the swimcap and red hood, and securing the armpieces. I had already fastened the collars on my elbows.
2019-05-14282.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14317.jpg thumbnail   

At this point I secure my legs together.

Doning and tightening the hood as best as I could, the gag was inserted and the blindfold rested on my forehead.

2019-05-14411.jpg thumbnail    image377.jpg thumbnail   

Chaining the collar to the wall

image583.jpg thumbnail   

Wrapping the outer straps around the collars (through both the D-ring and the buckle) and loosely strapping both at the front. Both straps are secured via carapiners to the D-rings on the collars, threaded through a ring at the back and then out and around my arms to the front, where a buckle holds them together.
Only one carabiner is secured  to the D ring at this stage because I need some elbow mobility to make adjustments and pull down the blindfold, which I do next.

image569.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14712.jpg thumbnail    image614.jpg thumbnail   

It was now that I realised I couldn't breathe so easily: the loose hood was rotating upwards for some reason and the nostril holes were sliding away from their position. Plus my nose was a bit clogged..

Better safe than smothered: I removed the gag.

image747.jpg thumbnail   

Undeterred, I complete my imprisonment.

Threading the padlocks through the palm loops, securing  the left arm and tightening the chest strap

2019-05-14771.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14790.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14816.jpg thumbnail   

The last padlock goes in and that's it!

2019-05-14859.jpg thumbnail   

the rush is palpable, my cock grows and throbs from within its cage, pulling the ball stretching shackle and tugging my testes. I feel every pulse asnd it's amazing.

2019-05-14896.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14907.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14918.jpg thumbnail   

I roll face down and on my right side since I realise the chain might wrap around my neck

2019-05-14953.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-14961.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-141022.jpg thumbnail   

Tugging on the chain. It could have been a bit shorter, but I'm not going anywhere for sure!

2019-05-141198.jpg thumbnail   
image1205.jpg thumbnail   

2019-05-141257.jpg thumbnail   
2019-05-141407.jpg thumbnail   
2019-05-141880.jpg thumbnail   

At this point, I heas a noise through my plugs, sounds vaguely like my telephone. I then think that the next event might be somebody walking in (they have the keys to my apartment) and find me trapped like this.
I panic, rush to the iced keys and discover that the ice has weakened enough that I can crush it with a single hand.
I obtain the keys to my freedom, and that's it!

2019-05-142086.jpg thumbnail    2019-05-142126.jpg thumbnail   

Time in bondage: ~ 32 mins
I took care of the "nuisance" and then had a go at another session - part two 2 coming soon.

  • I really need to practice lacing up that hood
  • I could have slid off the blindfold without much hassle but I decided to play along.
  • without the gag in, it's easy to peek down through the mouth hole from within the hood
  • I, however, was kind of glad that I could peek down since I tried for the forst time thae DIY ball stretcher. My scrotum was a bit dark(as expected) but not too blue ot make me worry about accidentally castrating myself. I kept it on only for an hour and a half or so, anyway.
  • The bare-naked arms plus the pantyhose allowed me to cool off and not sweat much during preparation. If I add latex into the mix I'm afraid I might not bear 1h+ worth of sweat, usually I end my sessions much sooner.
  • I need to work more on the ice part - I shouldn't have been able to retrieve the secondary keys so easily. I used a plastic shot glass and left it in the freezer for almost three hours. Suggestions?
All in all, a nice test of new materials and techniques and an enjoyable, although curtailed, session of captivity.
I want to do this in a dark basement now!

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  Online self-bondage website
Posted by: HornyRubberSlave - 12 May 2019, 13:09 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - No Replies


I'm working on a website that allow anybody to control the slave that I am. It's still work in progress, but it's getting there. My idea is that any one can submit a scenario and I'll follow it according to the Master/mistress command. The result can be seen in different way such as video, picture, live skype, etc... 

Would love to have feedback about it.

I'll start doing this around the end of June, but website is already online and can already take order.

Looking forward for creative and cruel a mind to see what they will come up with.

Here is the link for the moment (might change later):

Sincerely your public slave

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  Hands behind back - cross-tie with rope - with pictures
Posted by: Strappado - 11 May 2019, 22:23 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (3)

For quite a while, tieing my hands crossed behind my back is one of my favorite methods. This is a very interesting tie, as it is fairly easy to learn, feels pretty tight and - depending on a few details, you can either undo it with your fingers, need a door-handle or a similar hooking-device (door-knob won't work) or you have to cut the rope. And, if properly done, it will leave some rope marks for a while. It seems, that I haven't described this method, so here we go:

You need a rope of about 1 m length (a bit more than a yard). For starters, a stiffer type of rope might be nice, because it will be easier to undo the knots.
For safety, make sure, you have some sort of fixed hook (such as a door-handle), that you can slide between your wrist and the rope, preferably into a single coil of rope only.
And have a pair of safety scissors (the ones that are dull at the ends).


Step 1
find the center of the rope, hold it with your left hand (if you are right-handed).
Grab the right strand with your right hand, about 20 cm below the center. Twist that strand clockwise while making a bight, put it on top of the center.
Hold this with your right hand now.
Grab the left strand with your left hand, about 20 cm below the center / crossed rope. Twist that strand clockwise (again) and put it on top of the other bight.
Take the rope at the ends of the bights and let it hang down.

wristx01.jpg thumbnail    wristx02.jpg thumbnail    wristx03.jpg thumbnail    wristx04.jpg thumbnail    wristx05.jpg thumbnail   

If you like to check, if you did it right:

Follow the right strand. It should come up to the right half of the bights, behind the other rope, then cross the other end, loop around clockwise, cross over itself, then under the other end, loop again, cross the first loop somewhere underneath, cross the first strand underneath, cross the other loop above, then dangle down on the left side (poo, hard to describe that in English) - well, look at the picture.

Step 2

Adjust both ends, so they have the same length. Then adjust the loops to a size, which allows you to put your hands through - one from each side.

I suggest, you practise with hands  in front first... (what comes next, that is, the other part should be done in front of you anyway, why bother making it hard?

Now, put one hand through, then grab both open strands to make sure, you find them behind your back (still useful, if you do this in front of you). Put your other hand in the loops from the other side.

wristx06.jpg thumbnail   

Grab one strand with each hand, as near as possible to the loops, and pull tight simultaneously. I never figured out, which strand should go in which hand, it makes a difference. It does not really matter though, one way, it tightens better. While this already feels like tied hands, it is not secure. With some wiggling, you can get your hands free again. Check, if both strands are still about the same length. This only matters, if the rope length is just right. With more length, this gets less important.

wristx07.jpg thumbnail   

[SECURITY OPTION #1] Tie off with a simple overhand knot now - makes escape harder!

Step 3 - everything is done behind you, meaning, not in between hands and back, but really behind. If you are doing this in front for practise, you should actually perform the following actions between your hands and your belly. Actually, this is much easier, because it is the natural direction, in which your fingers will work.

With each hand, pick up the strand that this hand has previously pulled tight. It is the one, that slightly bends towards that hand.
Now wrap one strand around both wrists twice. Check in the mirror, if you aren't sure, this is very confusing at first, if you cannot see it.
Hold it fairly tight there.

wristx08.jpg thumbnail   

Wrap the other strand around both wrists twice, but the other way around.

wristx09.jpg thumbnail   

In the end, you should have the strand of rope in one hand, that comes from the wrist of the other hand, and vice versa.
While pulling on these ends, wiggle a bit, try to get rid of slack around your wrists.

[SECURITY OPTION #2] Only wrap each strand once, pull tight, then tie off with an overhand knot. This will make the door-handle-release ineffective.

Once you are happy with the tightness, tie off with an overhand knot. This is the moment, when you finally know, if your rope is really long enough.
The knot should be placed on the rope. This creates some friction which keeps the knot together, if you hold your hands still.

wristx10.jpg thumbnail   

If you want it really tight, wiggle more, pull the ends etc. You will be astonished, how much slack you can create after a while, even if the initial tie feels really tight.
Feels secure already? Well, after a while, it will come lose and you will be able to get free.

Step 3 - point of no return (ish)

Now, prepare a second overhand knot, make sure, the first one is still tight, then close the second knot.

wristx11.jpg thumbnail   

Security depends a lot on how you tighten the last knot. If you pull the ends slowly, no matter, how hard you pull, it will be undone fairly easy. Instead, if you yank really hard, it will get pretty tight.

[SECURITY OPTION #3] Use a longer rope and do as many knots as you please. If you get a "knot-rope", which is long enough, you can even make knots into that rope. This is a useful method for delayed freedom, if you are able to undo the knots with your fingers. If not, don't bother, because it won't resist other release methods.


The hardest option is to work the knots open with your fingers. It is definitely possible but might take some time. Very short fingernails make it harder. Very long ones might make it impossible, because they could break (I have no experience with that). Unless your fingers are too long, you can easily reach the knot, while it is located on the other wrist. With simultaneous rotation movements of both hands (back and forth obviously), you can move the knot a bit to get it into a better place. You can also grab the open strands to move the knot a bit.

The easiest way is to go to a door with a door-handle. Slide the door-handle into one of the loops, that you created by wrapping your wrists in step 2 and pull hard. This should create enough slack to get out one hand. Repeat, if necessary, and get rid of all loops from step 2. Now you have to wiggle a bit to losen the first two loops and you are free. once free, you can undo the knot and the rope is ready for the next session.

It is a bit harder (especially on the rope) to use scissors. Best cut next to the knot, because that leaves you with the longest possible remainder of rope. It also helps to  find the right spot, in case you have to take a break. If one cut doesn't do the trick, keep cutting the same spot. Even with completely dull scissors, you will eventually make it. The rope will be too short to be used the same way again. So try to avoid using the scissors.


For this, you need a longer piece of rope. Proceed as before, make at least one overhand knot - the previous final knot is not really necessary. Then lead one strand over your forearms from behind  towards your back, and one the other way. Then find out, where to place them to create the additional loop crosswise around your wrists. Tie off with two overhand knots. Now, you have one loop around your wrists, secured by two knots. This means, this knot stays where it is, probably somewhere on the inside of your wrists, where it is very hard to work on it. The door-handle release should still work. If you have tied off the original version with two knots, you have a bit more work or have to resort to cutting the rope.

I am going to post this now, then make photos and edit to add them. If you can understand, what I mean, before I have uploaded the photos, try right away Wink

OK, now with pictures. By the way, I am wearing the latex skater dress, that i got a few months ago.

A final note: This method is not exactly predictable. For the sake of getting it done, I just did it step by step, even though crossing the strands before wrapping them around my wrists (step 2) felt wrong. You can see on the image, why. I shold have switched the ends to the other hands. This is actually the first time, I see this process step by step, I only had a photo of the finished product. But predictability is more important concerning the quality of the knot. I am confident to get make a knot that I can undo. I do this, when I tie myself up inside a sleeping bag for example. Pulling the knot tight very gently always does the trick (so far - but that is part of the madness - release is still possible by destroying the bag). Often I just tie off randomly and see later, if I can undo that. I always have the door-handle... Yanking the knot tight hard often works - I need the door-handle to get free - but not always. Especially, when I am annoyed, I am pretty good at undoing knots. Same for the advanced security option: Sometimes I can undo the knot, sometimes I can't. This means, if I do two overhand knots at the end of step three, I need scissors.

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