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  Nylon foot fetish
Posted by: Legman19632020 - 4 hours ago - Forum: Introduce yourself - Replies (2)

Hi there,

I’ve just joined this site and as I live in the UK (West Sussex), I would love to chat with females who share my fetish for nylon covered feet. Specifically I love sniffing nylon covered feet after they have been in shoes/boots all day. The scent drives me wild and enhances sex with my partner.

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  black leotard and pantyhose
Posted by: Anne - 11 hours ago - Forum: Completed sessions - No Replies

Another one from the archives! Enjoy!

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  Bizarre Comix - vol.03 "Poor Pamela"
Posted by: Like Ra - Yesterday, 15:25 - Forum: Eric Stanton - Replies (4)

Part I

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
P4U_BCv3_PnP1-00-fc.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-00.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-01.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-02.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-03.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-04.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-05.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-06.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-07.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-08.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-09.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP2-10.jpg thumbnail   
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  All Things Yoga
Posted by: Like Ra - Yesterday, 01:09 - Forum: General - Replies (1)

And Yoga (which can be translated as "union" and "yoke") can be all things, including fetish and bondage.

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Fetish gyms or Rubber yoga
Five hands-free hypno orgasms. Amazed and puzzled
Yoga with Lyn Marchal
Diana Moran, the Green Goddess

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  full chastity belt
Posted by: slaafruben - 19 Aug 2019, 13:42 - Forum: Plugs, vibrators, watersport and chastity toys - Replies (3)

can someone give my advice about buying a full chastity belt, one that is affordable, so none of 1000 euros

I have been wearing a small chastity cage for a long time, but I would like to buy a good portable belt

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  Bizarre Comix - vol.03 "Priscilla, Queen of Escapes"
Posted by: Like Ra - 18 Aug 2019, 15:09 - Forum: Eric Stanton - Replies (2)

(Must admit, I hate circus...)

Part I

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
P4U_BCv3_PnP1-00-fc.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-00-ifc.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-01.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-02.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-03.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-04.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-05.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-06.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-07.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-08.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-09.jpg thumbnail    P4U_BCv3_PnP1-10.jpg thumbnail   
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  Pleasure Bound #1
Posted by: Like Ra - 16 Aug 2019, 00:01 - Forum: Eric Stanton - Replies (7)

"Pleasure Bound #1" by Eric Stanton.

Part I

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
pbound1_01.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_02.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_03.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_04.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_05.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_06.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_07.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_08.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_09.jpg thumbnail    pbound1_10.jpg thumbnail   
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Exclamation WARNING: Hypnosis Addiction is Real
Posted by: jexer - 13 Aug 2019, 13:35 - Forum: Hypnosis and Hypno-fetish - Replies (2)


If you're just getting started with hypnosis, please first see stories from real life people who have struggled with this very real addiction:
My own story is that I've been addicted to hypnosis files since I discovered them in 2011. I know every single trigger word, have listened to pretty much every file out there, and was spending every moment of my free time in a 'trance.' These files easily become addictive and will take over your life and unless you're willing to risk absolutely everything including your identity, your relationships, your friends, and your sense of self you need to evaluate if these are for you or not. 

Make no mistake that a lot of these files are very powerful. The last two decades have seen many psychological studies showing hypnotherapy going wrong. Many cases of reported of false memories can be found on Google. Perhaps the most publicized case includes the anti-homosexual hypnosis of the 60's and 70's, which has since been strongly correlated with suicide, as the people subject this type of hypnosis were instilled with a belief that went against who they really were leading to significant internal distress and eventual suicide. The single greatest threat to your mental health however is the creation of multiple personality disorder, medically proven to be triggered by either trauma OR hypnosis whether intentionally or not. 

After literally years of listening to this stuff, I am finally in recovery mode, regaining my normal self and trying to rebuild my life. It is like I have come out of the permanent daze, and can't believe what an absolute waste my life has been the last few years when my addiction really took off due to the release of very powerful files. If you intend to get involved with hypnosis, you must know what you're willing to risk and be absolutely 100% prepared to lose yourself & everything associated with who you are, because you will not come out the same person.
If at any time you realize you need help, please go to the address linked above. If you're new to the hypnosis experience, please read the linked forums before getting too involved. Erotic/fem/sissy hypnosis is addictive like drugs and will take over your life.

Like Ra has put in the headings that it is dangerous for a reason. Be absolutely sure that you are willing to risk everything before you lose yourself in it.

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  Ballet boots standing
Posted by: JackWong25 - 12 Aug 2019, 01:11 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (2)

Recently completed a standing ballet boot scenario. Didn’t last to long so I’m looking for possible ideas to improve. Was able to get some pictures but not of the full thing. Sorry. I had locked my cuffs to my collar and with in a few mintures the vibrator snuck up on me and sent me over the edge.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
1C6C36E9-1BF5-4B3E-8496-84946BEAE97A.png thumbnail    8E4FFB97-4E91-4368-B6D4-EEC29FF21E88.png thumbnail    63D21960-AA72-4021-ABB4-CA39E954CDA3.png thumbnail   
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  Sex doll, rubber doll, puppet, mannequin hypnosis
Posted by: Like Ra - 10 Aug 2019, 18:27 - Forum: Hypnosis and Hypno-fetish - Replies (13)

Latex skin, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to hear, aroused, penetrated, taken, simultaneously, again and again, on the verge of orgasm, tight rubber, stretches to the limits, penetrated, again and again ...

latex-zentai-suit-08.jpg thumbnail    pink-latex-zentai-01.jpg thumbnail   

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