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Hello ;)
Posted by: EliaSissy - Yesterday, 15:23 - Forum: Introduce yourself - Replies (1)

Hi to all Wink I'm 28yrs from Italy searching some bondage gear o lockable outfits or idea

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Hotel sleepsack and Lycra relaxation
Posted by: ltxrob - 23 Mar 2019, 08:15 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (3)

A bit of fun while away from home.

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Some reasons to be a girl
Posted by: Tinker D - 23 Mar 2019, 00:48 - Forum: All things CD/Xplay/TV/TS/TG/Drag - Replies (1)

Searching for some papers, I came upon a paper I got many years ago.

Some benefits of being a female.

We can get rid of leg hair without pretending that we do a lot of cycling or swimming or any other sport that require aerodynamic legs.

We absently hum tunes from musicals without anyone being suspect of our sexuality.

When we buy a vibrator, it is glamorous. When men buy a blow up doll, it’s sad.

We can use cosmetics should we wake up looking like something the cat dragged in.

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Tied to the door
Posted by: blueboyia - 14 Mar 2019, 05:07 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (8)

It's been a while since I've done any sort of self-bondage - no real reason, I guess - just life getting in the way and keeping me busy.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about new-to-me techniques, though. Kind of like my recently-purchased hinged handcuffs, I've been eyeballing some way to securely and safely tie myself into a standing position. A few weeks ago, I thought about straps that go over the top of a door and are trapped by the door, which I found on AliExpress.

I could go into more detail about the exact setup that I used for these, but a picture says a thousand, a picture is attached (No action shots, only an afterthought photo before I took everything down.) The main differences between "real" use and this photo: I really DID have an ice lock between the rope ratchet and the spreader bar anchor, and I had my key to unlock my wrist cuffs tied to the middle of the "Y", so it was pulled down when I tightened everything, and was freed up when the ice released.

20190312_door.jpg thumbnail   

As for me, I took the philosophy of "I don't do this very often, I'm going to use pretty much everything I've got". I pulled on a pair of lacy panties, followed by a garter belt attached to a pair of black thigh-high stockings. For shoes, it was my old trusty 6-inch pumps with an ankle strap to make sure I couldn't kick them off. I snugged up an underbust corset (the "satin 830" option from that link). I laced on "the" hood from Ali Express. I used the blindfold for it, but not the stock gag - instead I buckled on a regular pink ballgag before pulling the hood on.

Almost ready - I had decided I'd ALSO buckle on the Ali Express (sensing a theme here??) posture collar. With my ankles cuffed to each end of the spreader bar, I put some clover clamps on my nipples, locked my wrists into the cuffs and buckled the blindfold on.  I pulled the rope through the rope ratchet, and as it tightened I felt the bar pull up against my ankle cuffs as my arms were lifted up toward the top of the door.

I decided not to do a vibrator or anything of the sort this time, instead opting to JUST be tied up and see what kind of suffering I could create and endure.

As expected, the nipple clamps made themselves apparent almost immediately. My feet, not used to the heels, were surprisingly OK for a while. I think the combination of the spreader bar and the angle that I was able to "plant" the heels made this acceptable.

With nothing to do, and nothing to distract me, I got bored quickly. And, as most of us tend to do, I started to work to get out. 

The door is about 7 feet tall; I'm 6 feet tall, so even though my hands were pulled up to almost the top of the door, I was able to reach down and remove the blindfold. The posture collar was next, and the hood (which I should have locked on) was after that. The ballgag was a piece of cake from there.

After that? Yeah, the rest of the setup appeared to be golden. My hands were too high to stretch down to the nipple clamps; the spreader bar was doing its job, and I was starting to struggle with the heels.  

The WORST part of getting the blindfold off was that I could now see the clock. I had only made it 15 minutes, and now that I could see the clock, each minute seemed to take at LEAST two minutes, if not three. I'd look away from the digital clock, try to focus on something else...then look back to see that ONLY one minute had passed!

I spent the next 20 minutes like this, periodically looking down at my ice lock to see if the string was starting to free up yet (ice lock style: Finally, the nipple clamps got the best of me, and I wiggled and stretched and was JUST able to get ahold of one of the clamps to remove it. It hurt about 5 times as much coming off, but that pain subsided. I was able to stretch and get to the other clamp, and as I was getting it removed from my other nipple the string suddenly pulled free from the ice lock. Once the ice lock released, the slack let me get to the key and release my hands.  

All in, I'd spent 45 minutes tied like that.

I collapsed onto the floor, heart pounding and legs shaking from standing. I rested for a minute, then decided a "reward" was in order. Challenging myself a bit more, I put the nipple clamps back on and gave myself that reward for what I'd just gone through.

This was the first self-bondage I've done in a LONG time that kept me tied until the ice released, and even though it wasn't perfect, it was certainly entertaining. I don't think I'm ready to do THIS one again right away, but I've got a bed spreadeagle in mind....

Next time for this one? No clover clamps (probably tweezers instead), and I'll put locks on the hood / collar / blindfold. The corset always feels awesome - I spent half of the day in it. Jury is still out on the heels next time - I tried to wear them for a bit today, and standing was impossible (I have a toe that doesn't like to bend backwards as much as heels like that require). Lower heels were OK, maybe it's just THOSE old cheapies?  We'll see.

Until next time (which may just be tonight...)

Finally: and bonus photo of the heels today. SITTING. 
  20190313_shoe.jpg thumbnail   

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The images with the origin of your fetish
Posted by: Scatina - 12 Mar 2019, 20:26 - Forum: General - Replies (2)

We all passed by. An image, a detail that paralyzes us causing us an impact impossible to describe. An anxiety and stress so great that we can only tolerate them through a first masturbation. And from then on we never let him go again.

Do you have a photo of those images with which you developed your fetishes?

latex_toilet_slave-01.png thumbnail   

I think my desire for the latex used in formal dresses started with two pictures of this lady. The way in which the folds are formed and the sensation of subtle and hidden eroticism made him irresistible. As if a nice person invited you to be part of their life and let the love for the latex extended to its formal intimacy, inviting you with a smile. That's how fantasy worked.

For years I keep the original photo in the same folder and gallery, and recently it occurred to me to retouch the photo to add the fetish for latex / leather masks and toilet seats. Today the image does not have the same effect, but at least it has been a beautiful starting point.

wet_girls-01.jpg thumbnail   

I like tights and swimsuits. Also various forms of female humiliation and school uniforms in my region. That's why at some point it occurred to me that I could form montages with images that combine all these things. I suppose it must be something quite common even though I rarely saw similar assemblies made by other people.

abdl-01.jpg thumbnail   

Some of these montages end up giving rise to silent stories. Instead of writing an erotic story on the side of a picture, what I do is imagine possibilities by the arranged images. It is so that fantasize with a femdom fond of subjecting boys to the humiliation of being forced to use diapers. In the same way, I think the same could be done with other suits and uniforms of erotic discipline.

marilyn_yusuf_in_latex-01.jpg thumbnail   

Finally, Marylin Yusuf. I think many should know this model. She is usually very caught by a brand to wear elaborate formal uniforms. I think it is through these photos that I began to have desire to draw similar outfits with high collars, striking buttons and prominent cuffs to constrict adorable curves with severe discipline.

Anyway, these are some of my fetishes. They are not the oldest really but I think they are the ones that I could find in common with you.

Do you want to tell us about the origins of your passions, too?

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Fetishes in society
Posted by: Vacbedbound - 12 Mar 2019, 19:27 - Forum: General - Replies (1)

What do you think about the acceptance in Society for different fetishes? I have the feeling, that in the last years bondage became more and more accepted. I would have no problem telling the most of my friends that I like Bondage, but I would never tell them that I like latex. Bondage has become "normal" in the last time maybe because of 50 shades of gray?  But I think latex still has this pervert reputation even though fake latex leggings became a trend. Do you have the same impression? Why is this like it?

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Don’t wet yourself!!
Posted by: ltxrob - 12 Mar 2019, 18:58 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (5)

Ok it’s been a while, had issues resolving the account access.... but I’m back. 

I’ve had some odd exploratory thoughts recently like ‘I wonder what that wound feel like’

Basically I want to know what it’s like to loose bladder control while restrained or at least unable to stop it happening. 
I’ve acquired a pack of adult diapers/nappy’s and some waterproof outer pants to cover them with. 
My plan is to have plenty to drink and then start the preparations. 
Covering everything with latex and locking it on so that I can’t reach or prevent the inevitable. Chuck the keys in the kitchen safe set to 2hrs or so and then go about normal day stuff accordingly. Will make sure I have a plug and chastity in place too. 
Fairly sure I’ll end up sat in a wet one for an hour or so. 

Now I never penned myself as a DL and definitely not into AB but sometimes you just have to try these things to scratch that itch.

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Vacuum bed self-bondage with Venus pump
Posted by: Vacbedbound - 11 Mar 2019, 00:27 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (17)

OK, i did it! This is me 1 hour ago, getting Milked in my Vacbed!
Wow, what a ride!

FullSizeRender(1).jpg thumbnail    FullSizeRender.jpg thumbnail   

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hands bound on back
Posted by: slaafruben - 09 Mar 2019, 18:34 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (1)

please help me to ideas  how to bound my hands on back of back side
i have lockable  leather cufs
i use locks and chains to bound my self.  and use the kitchen safe for timer ( put all keys box)

example of this safe

-if i bound my hands to the back, i can not get the safe

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Back after major storm
Posted by: boundsolo - 09 Mar 2019, 17:09 - Forum: Off-topic - Replies (15)

Not that I'm a major poster but we had a major snow storm hit my area on 2/24. Took out power, internet , cell service and land lines for the last two weeks. My family was stranded in the house for 3 days until I was able to cut all the downed trees and get out. To top it off I took a tree across the house. You do not realize how isolated you are until something like this happens. The highlight of my day yesterday was coming home to internet service!

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