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Back in vacuum bondage guys !
Posted by: vacuum_experiments - 17 Mar 2018, 08:04 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (1)

Hey ! It has been a so long time guys ! Hope you are doing well !!!

I have been thinking for a very long time about my interest in vacuum bondage (and in BDSM in general). Finally, I understood I couldn't fight against it, and I should accept it ! That's why, secretly (because my girlfriend is very often out), I'll do some vacuum bondage again !

I apologize for having deleted my previous pictures. I freaked when I met someone from my town talking to me about my own pictures without knowing it was actually me ! But anyway...

So, let me show you some pictures of my setup, first:

I suppose you guessed how it works. I am not gonna explain that much, but feel free to ask me anything !

If you want some more "private" answers to your "private" questions, just PV !

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wrist tie with rope and a padlock
Posted by: Anne - 16 Mar 2018, 18:43 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (3)

I've been using this method for quite some time now. I like the feeling of rope better than metal but handcuffs are a lot easier to lock securely. With this method you can have rope bondage with a key release. Enjoy!

.webm   selfbondage_wrists_rope_padlock.webm (Size: 17.91 MB / Downloads: 87)

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Kinky librarians
Posted by: Like Ra - 16 Mar 2018, 18:00 - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Creating a separate thread following these posts:

Photos, drawings, videos, stories - anything related to librarians!

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Self bondage tube
Posted by: Anne - 15 Mar 2018, 22:11 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (4)

I am walking around with this idea for quite some time now and since a successful tryout with a cardboard tube a few weeks ago I finally got to make a decent version. The concept is simple: you can't escape if you can't reach any knots.

I take a tube put a rope ratchet in on one end and use that to pull in the end from the rope that binds my wrists. Now I can't undo my bondage as the rope is pulled tight in the tube were I can't reach the knot. The other end of the tube is tied to my ankles (also bound) so I can't reach the knot to undo my legs either.

Maybe some photo's will make it clear.

First the finished product:
12.jpg thumbnail   

I tie my ankles and connect the ring on the left, I tie my wrists and tie the not to the carabiner on the right. The loose end in the middle will pull the rope ratchet inside the tube tight, pulling the carabiner away from my hands into the tube.

Now for the details.

The first part is the most important. Here I'm adding a ring because in this scenario I want to tie this end of the tube to my ankles. On the inside I connect an ice lock, this is my release.

1.jpg thumbnail    2.jpg thumbnail    3.jpg thumbnail   

Part A assembled:

4.jpg thumbnail   

Next is the rope I need to tighten the ratchet, I just thread it trough one of the holes I made for this reason. There are many variations that I can do with this device depending on the scenario. In this case that hole works best.

5.jpg thumbnail   

Attach the ratchet

6.jpg thumbnail   

Add the ring that needs to come out the other end where I can tie the final knot of my wrist rope.

7.jpg thumbnail   

Like so.

8.jpg thumbnail   

Assemble the other end as well

9.jpg thumbnail   

Leg end goes in the tube like this

10.jpg thumbnail    11.jpg thumbnail   

Other end is similar and gives the final assembled product

12.jpg thumbnail   

The bondage itself is simple:

  • tie ankles together and connect to bottom end of the tube
  • coil a rope a few times around the wrists, a few times in between to cinch it tight and tie it of to the ring on the other end of the tube.
  • pull the ratchet rope coming out of the middle to pull the knot into the tube, out of reach of your fingers
  • wait for the ice to melt
I can say this worked fantastic, I put on my new swimsuit (amazing one, I love it, details maybe in another post or on request) and got stuck for almost an hour. I tried everything I could think of to get out but I had to wait for the ice to melt.

Sorry no pictures or video of this session, I was only going to do a quick test run and expected some flaws so I could escape (as usual) but it worked great.

The same principle but with a shorter tube can work great for just tying your hands, the other end does not have to be connected to something so I'm planning on pulling my hands high up between my shoulder blades and going for a walk outside until the ice melts. Long tube will work as well but will be a bit inconvenient.

I do have some low quality stills from the proof of concepts with a cardboard tube:

Tying my wrists

13.jpg thumbnail   

pulling the ratchet

14.jpg thumbnail   

Can't reach the knot anymore, I'm stuck!

16.jpg thumbnail   

Nothing left to do but struggle.

17.png thumbnail   

More struggling, still haven't found a way out yet.

18.jpg thumbnail   

Trying to pull apart the ice lock, no success.

20.jpg thumbnail   

I give up

21.jpg thumbnail   

Another tie. Also another outfit, I got really warm in that previous one.

I frogtied my legs but also connected my ankles by a short length of rope to which I also fastened the ice lock on the one end of the tube.

Tying my wrists.

22__A.jpg thumbnail   

Wrists coils and cinch are done, I tied it of to the ring that will pull it out of reach, now grab the ratchet rope and make it final

22.jpg thumbnail   

Getting the very last bit of slack out was hard in this position

23.jpg thumbnail   

That worked eventually, now I'm stuck again

24.jpg thumbnail   

Struggling to get out. This position is a lot less comfortable than the previous one and I have a feeling I wont get out before the ice is molten.

25.jpg thumbnail   

The frogtie makes it impossible to put a lot of force on the ice lock, with the hogtie I could pull with all my might and get it to open before it was fully melted but that's obviously not an option here. I'm in it for the full duration.

26.jpg thumbnail   

This is the closest my hands can get to the knots on my legs, guess I'll have to endure. Couldn't even grab my own ass or rub my penis a bit. Very frustrating.

27.jpg thumbnail   

That's all I have for now.

I'll show some pics of me in bondage with the larger bondage tube as soon as we've decided on the outfit.

Let me know what you think. I hope I was clear.

I have paint ready to give the gray pvc a nicer colour and I already thought of lots of different positions I can tie myself up in with this new toy. Total cost of the tube, other pvc bits for the endings, the rings, carabiner, rope ratchet and more than enough rope was something like 30€. Money well spent, I'm only just getting started with all the possibilities this has Smile

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I'm taking requests
Posted by: Anne - 14 Mar 2018, 20:31 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (14)

Hi all, I'll have some time to do some selfbondage shortly and I was wondering if anybody had any requests. Let's start with the outfit. If you know my previous posts you'll have an idea of my taste but since I gained a lot of muscle mass over the last few weeks/months the most feminine looks won't be very convincing anymore.

So let's have a poll to decide on that Smile

- no dressing up, just a naked dude
- light, just a bikini, lingerie  or a swimsuit, stuff like that
- full outfit, I can go for a girl-scout outfit, some superhero maybe? Tights and leotards I have plenty...
- feminine look, add breasts, corset, hip and butt padding, please specify wardrobe wishes in comments please

After this we'll decide on the bondage Wink

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Zentai self bondage
Posted by: ltxrob - 10 Mar 2018, 11:29 - Forum: Completed sessions - Replies (4)

A week or so had a home alone day so I played. 
Gag harness 
Kitchen safe

Here is the video...

Hope you enjoy it.

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Help me choose my new toys
Posted by: zergolmakar - 05 Mar 2018, 05:59 - Forum: General - Replies (8)

I used to own a couple toys a few years ago, but I didn't keep them for long because I had nowhere to store them and I would probably have been caught eventually...
Now I'm planning on buying some gear of better quality, but I'd like to choose well and I'm a tad lost so I have a couple questions.
First, do you know an affordable and trustworthy online shop for bondage gear? I would need this shop to ship into foreign countries (I live in France). I have thought of Amazon which provides cheap options but I'm afraid I will get gear of poor quality.
Second, I would like to know your opinion about gag harnesses. I had a regular gag with a single strap but I'd really like to use a harness. However, in the pictures the front straps seem to cover the eyes. I'd like to regularly use it, for example while I'm working at home. From your perspective, does it impede a lot on your vision?
Third, would you recommend a specific model of prostate massager for a dude? I have never used one but it looks pretty awesome.

Thanks a lot for the answers

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Wooden spoon spanking plans
Posted by: Interestinglyunique - 24 Feb 2018, 14:10 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (1)

Not sure how into self discipline/spanking you all are? Might be a bit off-topic apologies if so.... Thought I'd share my fun plans for tomorrow anyway. Day off, and I live alone. Also have the advantage of a fairly soundproof room in my place that is perfect for self discipline.

I'll be up early and my basic daily activities are going to be incorporated into self discipline.

I'm really into wooden spoon self spanking right now. Also, swimsuits, leotard,  spandex hood. Good combination for me!

I like to make my SB session quite productive! So I do things like clean my flat (but in swimwear and after a really good self spanking). So I get spanked then part of the punishment is then to hoover the flat in my swimwear with a stinging red bum. Very humiliating (and very fun).

I tend to spank to a timer rather than count the swats. So I might spank hard for 1 minute with no breaks. I may do this in between doing other things, or set an alarm. I sometimes put on some classical music as well while I do this, for some reason it seems to add to the experience for me. Gradually over the day my ass/legs gets more red and sore, I have found rubbing salt in and oil really adds to this. Also I sometimes make myself bend over a stool and look at myself from behind in the mirror for, say, ten minutes. By the afternoon, even a fairly light swat with a big cooking spoon is wonderfully effective.

I can do other things in the day like go for a jog, do some computer work. All as part of my fantasy. Jogging with swimwear under jogging clothes. 'Invoicing' in swimwear etc (if only they knew..)

I actually get loads done!

By the late afternoon I'll be ready for a final 'timed' stinging hot 'punishment' shower, and then finally some SB on the wooden bed frame.

Looking forward to it!

Hope you all have a good Sunday planned too!

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New Shoes
Posted by: PantyhoseMan - 23 Feb 2018, 00:08 - Forum: High heels, shoes, boots - Replies (8)

I have bought a pair of new shoes, and they were nice and not too hard to walk in Big Grin

IMG_0134.JPG thumbnail    IMG_0135.JPG thumbnail    IMG_0136.JPG thumbnail   

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Tights made with Bulletproof Fiber
Posted by: QuietnSilent - 19 Feb 2018, 16:46 - Forum: Pantyhose & stockings - Replies (6)

I saw this kickstarter on fetlife and thought I post it here. These seem really interesting to try but are expensive. You are buying for quality though... so I might bite the bullet and buy a pair.

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