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Newbie Nylonluv
Posted by: nylonluv - Yesterday, 15:10 - Forum: Introduce yourself - Replies (1)

Hi everyone! 

New guy here that loves to wear pantyhose, stockings, and heels. Showing off my hairy body in nylon really gets me going...

Look forward to meeting some like minded people! 

35487882780_5020a01792_o.jpg thumbnail   

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Most difficult fetish items to put on.
Posted by: culmor - Yesterday, 11:22 - Forum: General - Replies (1)

This thread was inspired by Ra's regarding chlorination of rubber and how it makes suiting-up easier. Let's post the most difficult items we  like to dress in.

These must be the all-time worst I have, my zipless rubber boots from  Ledapol. Don't get me wrong, they look stunning when they're on but  but getting into them is a nightmare and pulling them off even worse.

ledapol.jpg thumbnail   

That said, I have a pair of zipless nylon knee-boots from a (mainstream but quite upmarket) high street store that are nearly as difficult to pull on but I haven't taken a as pic yet. I'll do so.

Edit: here they are.

boots.JPG thumbnail   

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picnic table bondage
Posted by: slaafruben - Yesterday, 09:02 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (4)

For a new night out, I seek help. A self bondage session on / at a picnic table.
Have found a quiet place where I can rest my hallway in the evening.

Sitting on 1 of the benches, and then self-bondage

-1 have an ice-lock  for 1,5 hours  of fun
ice-lock.jpg thumbnail   
-i will I pull on: latex catsuit, plug in, chastity , mask up, gag in mouth, latex shoes
-i Will bring along  chains, locks, rope, t-rips, eye mask, possibly piss bottle
bankje.JPG thumbnail   

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Newbie ideas
Posted by: storm666 - 19 Aug 2017, 17:40 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (5)

Hi there I am currently looking for self bondage Ideas, hopefully get some tips back currently use Pantyhose (tights) and have some rope.

If it helps as well I have just bought one of these I would be grateful for any ideas/scenarios for the zipper.

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Drawing and 3D models
Posted by: gunz - 12 Aug 2017, 08:53 - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Heya all. I recently been wanting to make something kinky as a drawing or something i can make as a 3D object in 3DS max. Any ideas? there is so many i know for myself but i cannot seem to  stick with one thing and therefore i can never get the finger out of my ass and acually start. I'm not a super pro but i would say i could amke something cool :Big Grinlease hand me some ideas, anything from toys, persons, kinky equipment whatever rly Tongue

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In Need Of A Hand
Posted by: wankerontheedge - 12 Aug 2017, 04:57 - Forum: General - Replies (9)

Okay so here is the basic run-down.

I am currently 15 years of age, yet I'm always told that I'm very mature, and with the risk of sounding modest, I feel like I am. I'm nearing the golden age of 16 this month, where I can not just get a tattoo, go to college and convincingly buy alcohol, but fuck aswell!

I've always wanted to lose my virginity in bondage-related fashion. I like everything about the sub role. I don't like to be in control, but I like to be pleasured, at the very least. The sad part is the fact that there are no shops for anything in this fucking city, meaning that I can't go to a shop and pick out some discreet/easy-to-hide bondage gear. That's ignoring the fact that they won't sell anything to anyone under 18 (which is fucking stupid, considering how the legal age for sex is 16 in England) I can barely make do with an old belt that doesn't get used anymore. I can't really use my mum's credit card either, because she would notice the missing money and track what was spent. Money isn't even good at the moment so that idea is long gone.

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas. I have now money, I can't get any money, I can't order anything to my door, or at all for that matter and my family would catch on if they managed to find a lot of bondage equipment in my room, if I got past all of those barriers somehow.

My best idea is if you guys could somehow donate any old gear you may have lying around. I want something to use really bad here so anything used or pre owned would be fine (as long as it was washed by me first). I need something small and easy to hide, but still enough to practice bondage with. I would imagine that a courier, of which I could contact would be able to meet me somewhere but I can't imagine that many couriers would exist in my city. There aren't any sex shops, in the first place. Bondage couriers? Bit of a stretch. If there is anything that you guys could do in this situation. I'm all out of ideas and I want to know what this feels like. My depression may even stop if I can do this. Some of my depression has been related to not knowing anybody or being able to relate to anyone. Doing this could mean a temporary answer, being that I can experience bondage for first time and know enough to lose my virginity in this way.

I'm done being a complete sob-story now. Do you think that any of you could lend a guy a hand?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
image.jpeg thumbnail   
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lying spread eagle
Posted by: slaafruben - 10 Aug 2017, 14:57 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - Replies (9)

Large_Display_Image.jpg thumbnail   

I'm looking for a scenario with spread eagle, lying on ground / grass between 4 or 5 wickets that are in the ground. Someone ideas

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In search of a blindfold like this
Posted by: blueboyia - 09 Aug 2017, 17:18 - Forum: General - Replies (4)

OK, intrepid shoppers - I want a blindfold like the one in the attached photo.  

(PS: about 3:50 into this video:

I've hunted on Aliexpress, found something similar in "leather", but it looks stiff.

Found the darlex version produced by BondageWebbing, but was hoping to spend quite a bit less than that one. 

Found a latex version that made the BondageWebbing version look affordable.

With all of the full lycra hoods out there on aliexpress etc. for CHEAP, I've got to think there's SOMETHING out there.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
blindfold.PNG thumbnail   
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bondage chair
Posted by: lugnuts - 09 Aug 2017, 05:32 - Forum: Techniques - No Replies

I'm thinking of making myself a bondage chair. It's a flexible lay-down/sit-down thingy.

I'll upholster it with pleather over padding

I'm wondering about the padding. Unlike a normal piece of furniture, it matters how much the cushion gives. So I need something comfortable but that will keep body parts from moving about too much.

Anybody built anything like this?

What's recommended for the cushion material?

I'm thinking about those rubber sectional gym mats, the interlocking kind. Maybe 2 layers.

advice wanted.

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Self Bondage Straight Jacket
Posted by: iLikeRa'sPlace - 09 Aug 2017, 04:57 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (1)

This technique is under the "Self-Bondage" section on this site.  Has anyone tried it?  I am curious if this is possible, I imagine it may be easier imagined than done - would love to attempt this.

[Image: straitjacket-selfbondage-01.jpg]

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