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Posted by: drkprince572 - 4 hours ago - Forum: Introduce yourself - No Replies

hello from the dark side of the moon (SW Florida)

married, love cats (my furbabies), love the outdoors, cloudy rainy days,

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Little bondage girl from Germany :)
Posted by: Celine - 20 May 2018, 12:25 - Forum: Introduce yourself - Replies (9)

I am new here since yesterday...
My name is Celine and i am from the middle of germany.
I am 18 years old, blonde, blue eyed, not very tall, but sporty. 

My older brother tied me up very often when he was playing with his friends no one cares about little celine Sad
At the age of 15 i got tied up, blindfolded and gagged when 3 intruders came over and i was home alone. 1 year later, after many meetings at psycho doctor, i want to be tied up again. 

But without a partner it was very difficult for me. Searching the internet i found the idea of selfbondage can not explain why im doing that after my horrible trip but i love love love it sooo much. 

Im using as release the cd tray, ice and electro magnet.
Ropes, Zipties, Tape, Chains.

Every session need a blindfold...

Getting myself hogtied, blindfolded, gagged with cleve and tape, earplugs... yeeeeah i love the hogtie Big Grin

Outfits are latex catsuit (not often) or my favourite... causal. My daily outfit. So i can imagine i was kidnapped oder the intruders came back Smile

Daily Outfit? Jeans, Leggins, Hot Pants, short tops, dresses and Converse, Nike oder Adidas sneakers Smile

Gagging with own socks if i would wear socks (only winter) is very heavy for me but it is the reason why i do not wearing socks anymore- i can only gag myself with clean fresh socks Big Grin

So im looking for new ideas, techniques...

Questions? Still ask me...
I am not interested in meetings oder nude pictures!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
20180519_140041.jpg thumbnail    20180519_140047.jpg thumbnail    20180519_140536.jpg thumbnail   
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Addictions, passions, cravings, propensities, fetishes.
Posted by: Like Ra - 18 May 2018, 00:13 - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Addictions, fetishes. Why do we have them? Why do we need them? Are they good or bad?

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Strange, rare and weird fetishes

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Posted by: Will90MeeG - 16 May 2018, 15:57 - Forum: Bondage shopping - Replies (10)

I recently decided to bite the bullet (so to speak) and purchase an expensive ballgag from

I bought one of these:

I've often seen gags like this used in scenarios all over the place and bought one with a 2" red ball.

The gag arrived after about a week and is superb. No shifting the ball when buckled on! The ball is a good size and has no taste. The straps take a bit of working out and adjusting, but the fit is good and they will get nice and soft with wear.

A fully immersive experience which is to be recommended. I think a hood is ideal to reduce any marking of the skin if worn for long - it can be effective even if not buckled up tightly.

Anybody else have any recommendations from these chaps?

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Scenario Request
Posted by: TiedTight - 08 May 2018, 23:32 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - No Replies

Hello All!
Looking for a scenario that I can do easily and relatively quietly, as I still live with my parents. A few things to note: 
1. Guy here
2. No bodially fluids
3. No Scat
4. Can't leave too deep of markings
I don't do risk, humiliation, gay stuff, wax, waterplay, torture, asphyxiation
I do like hogties, suspension, prediciment bondage, and stuff of that sorts

2 15-foot ropes
LOTS of Zipties
1 Sleep Mask
Various lengths of rope
2-3 travel locks with 2 keys (keys open both locks)
Ball Gag
D- Rings
Electral Tape

What I can get my hands on (but only include if it requires it):
Seran Wrap
Duct Tape
More Rope
Dog Collars
More Locks

Thanks!   Smile

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PU Straightjacket
Posted by: Strappado - 08 May 2018, 00:19 - Forum: Leather - Replies (1)

like this:

got this a few weeks ago, and it is great, even though the straps could be a little stronger.

The arm length is just right for me, could be a few centimeters more, but it isn't really necessary. I can enter the straight jacket with the back straps closed as tight as I like them (almost fully tight), then attach the arms to each other and get that arm-strap over my head, down the back. Of course, the back straps are in the way a bit, but it is quite doable. Due to the fairly thick material (I guess, near 1 mm), it is hard to operate any strap, so attaching the crotch straps (there are two, nice for men!) is a challenge, but it feels even nicer when they are on. The sleeves are tight - bodybuilders might not be able to use this jacket, but yeah, even nicer for me, it is a very snug fit. With a lot of fiddling and a long ladle in my mouth for more manipulation, I even manage to close the chest strap around the arms / wrists - almost as tight as I like.

Once everything is in place, this jacket feels great! As soon as I have the opportunity, I will try to sleep in this jacket (and possibly fail, as usual). it also looks nice, I actually got the pink version and have a pink PU-skirt to wear along (over the crotch straps of course).

Well, one of these random purchases that really paid off.

Escapability: Yes
Safety: Quite - one could argue about the high collar, but I think, it is safe.
Security: Perhaps in partner play, otherwise, you cannot tighten the arms enough to make it secure... well, change the strap to somthing self-tightening and add an ice lock perhaps
Quality: Good workmanship, just the straps could be slightly stronger. But they seem to survive standard use quite well and this weakness might be a blessing, when you seem to be stuck... And the colour is just great - I love dark pink!

There is one extra feature for the succesful escapist: Unless (or perhaps even then) the jacket is really lose, it takes quite a while to get it off. The inside does not glide on skin, especially not, when wet. It usually takes me up to two minutes to take it off. This is with closed back straps of course, otherwise it should be quite easy. But due to the slightly short length of the sleeves, I cannot operate the back straps...

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Alternative Armbinder using a pair of tights - alternative method
Posted by: Strappado - 07 May 2018, 23:41 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (13)

In the second half of this video, you can see a nice idea of using a pair of tights to tie the arms in armbinder-style. Unless the tights are really tight, you can reach up to the shoulders and undo it, but apart from that, it is quite an experience. But there will be solutions!

How to do that by myself, was my first question after watching this video. I tied a string to each side of the rim of the tights and hooked to the strings to a door handle. The idea is to stick the arms into one leg and then pull against the strings. The tights won't just slip up, you have to experiment with pull-directions and make sure, you don't hold the fabric between back and arms. After a few tries, it got much easier and I promise, there will be photos. In order to make it harder (or near impossible???) to pull off the shoulders, I will try a hood-string-stopper on the two strings, that will be pushed up somehow, once the shoulders are covered. Removing the strings (special knot for attachment) is no option, because it doesn't require much dexterity to reach up to the shoulders and free them. However, it feels quite restraining until you do so Big Grin

Perhaps I can also find an idea to use the other leg to secure this armbinder.

Ok, here is the video:

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10,000 users!
Posted by: Like Ra - 03 May 2018, 21:50 - Forum: News - No Replies

Aaaaaand another milestone! 10,000 registered users! 10,001 to be more precise.

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The Librarian
Posted by: Anne - 03 May 2018, 10:43 - Forum: Completed sessions - No Replies

This short film is the result of this thread: I'm taking requests

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Outdoor scenario advice needed.
Posted by: jasapasa - 28 Apr 2018, 11:34 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - No Replies

Hey. I'm planning selfbondage scenario and I need you suggestions and advice on how to enjoy the scenario more. Any suggestions of pain for pleasure are welcome. 
The idea is to tie your feet to the air so that the ankles are tied behind the tree. hands above the head behind the tree. 
and now I need help from your imagination.

You could find basic idea here:

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