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Female voice needed
Posted by: Anne - 16 Jul 2018, 21:50 - Forum: Off-topic - Replies (1)

Hi all,

I was wondering if we have somebody on the forum of the female gender that would record a few lines for me. I'm working on a new video and it would help a lot if I could have a few lines recorded by a female voice. Your native language does not matter.



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I treated myself: 2 new swimsuits!
Posted by: Anne - 10 Jul 2018, 19:17 - Forum: Lycra - Replies (4)

I decided to treat myself and bought not just one but two new one piece swimsuits. They fit really well and I'm really happy right now as they have just arrived.

IMG_20180710_161917.jpg thumbnail   
IMG_20180710_161930.jpg thumbnail   

Can you have too much swimsuits? I don't think so, just add them to the collection!

IMG_20180710_162010.jpg thumbnail   

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Likera on Wikpedia
Posted by: estanton - 03 Jul 2018, 16:58 - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hi friends,

I stumbled on this wikipedia page where Likera features prominently in the references!


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Wimbledon and Serena Williams.
Posted by: culmor - 02 Jul 2018, 22:57 - Forum: Pantyhose & stockings - Replies (40)

I'm hoping this will be a new fashion. Unless I'm very mistaken, Serena played her opening match today wearing nylons. At about 30 degrees celsius

sw1.jpg thumbnail   

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Posted by: Tinker D - 01 Jul 2018, 15:22 - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Not sure if this is a Fetish or not, in some of my self bondage, when I'm on my bench, I wear an internal catheter. Add the drinking gag, I can spend days in bondage.
So my question is,
Is there others out there like to add catheters to their self bondage?

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Mistress escort or trans escort?
Posted by: jamesnorth26 - 30 Jun 2018, 03:37 - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hi Everyone,

I have had a fantasy for ages now about hiring a female escorr that specializes in domination. 
I want that feeling of being tied up helpless and fucked in the arse while made to do anything she ask as her slave.
I have yet to do this but was looking the other day at escorts that specialize in this sort of stuff and seen one who looked good but found out she was a trans. This got me thinking.... well she still looks like a women and i guess would be better then a strap on as a real cock.

Anyone done this before or have any advise on which u should go with?

Thanks in advance Wink

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2nd completed session - pantyhose rip
Posted by: jamesnorth26 - 30 Jun 2018, 01:20 - Forum: Completed sessions - No Replies

After the first session which was over thought and too complicated i wanted to do another that would take half the time to set up yet still hard to get out of.

I made a slip knot at the bottom corners of the bed for my ankles.
Attached my 7" dildo to a pole so that when my legs are spred eagle it is fully inserted into my arse.
Got a pair of pantyhose and tied a knot in the leg ends then slid over headboard so the entry to them was on my side.
Attached my collar to a rope and looped around end board of bed and back upto headboard ready to tie off when in place.
Put on some long self bondage porn.
Got a medicine syringe and put about 5ml of lube up my ass incase was going to be there for awhile.
I slipped on some lace panties followed by a black pair of pantyhose which have slip knots at the end of them to attached to end of bed later on. Then got a pair of high heels which strap up the leg and put on. I got a DD black/ red bra, put on and stuffed good. I then picked out a tight black dress and squeezed into that.
Got another pair of pantyhose and put over head then put a ball gag on tight.
Now time to get into place.

I stood at the end of the bed and put my ankles in the loops and pulled tight then put the loop knot i made in end of stocking and attached to bed frame.
I layed face down and slowly slid onto the big dildo. This was hard as i hadnt left really any wriggle room when my ankles were tied. Finially it slid into my arse and pushed all 7" deep into arse until the balls of the dildo rested against me.
I got a vibrating dildo and placed on my cock and balls and set the vibe to pulse.
I put the my collar on and pulled the rope on headboard so it pulled my neck and whole body onto the cock as far as it could go then tied so had a bit of tension and felt like a mild choke while laying there.
I got the pantyhose and put my arms into the legs of them and put the waist part of the pantyhose behind my back. The more i slid my arms in the tighter it pulled it onto my back until my arms were all the way in.

In theory how should i get out?

Now since i had a dildo up me i couldnt move down the bed and i couldnt move up the bed otherwise i would get choked more so i had to get my hands free.
My theory was that i would rip the pantyhose and then would be able to un tie everything.

The session.

Now i fully helpless i tryed to get out.
I tryed to move my legs but couldnt move far as end of pantyhose were attached to bed along with ankle ties so couldnt do much there.
I tryed moving down the bed but the silcone balls on the dildo were firm up against mine so couldnt move down the bed at all.
I tryed my luck with trying to shuffle my body up the bed, i felt the dildo ease out a little and am choaked some more. Now it feels like 2 hands are around my neck with good pressure, but since i liked it i left my body where i was knowing i could move a little down bed if it got too much.
So i started watching the porn i had put on and focused on the vibrating dildo on my cock for about 20 minutes. After a lot of squirming and rubbing my body up and down a little i managed to cum. It felt so good being stuffed, tied and cuming still helpless.
After 5 minutes of laying there i tryed to escape my ripping the pantyhose ( i can rip them if i really want but i got board) so i moved my arms is such a way after a few minutes they slid off.
Then i went of to untie everything.
The session was great fun and cant wait to do again.

What could be done better?

Next time i would lay on my back so cant slip the pantyhose off as would be laid on them. I wanted to try this way as could slightly hump the bed to cum otherwise i wouldnt be able to cum with just the vibrator on my cock.

Please share your suggestionsWink

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
1530314401124181902752070449794.jpg thumbnail   
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Colon Hydrotherapy
Posted by: bondagetom1 - 29 Jun 2018, 20:23 - Forum: Session ideas, requests and fiction - No Replies

Not really a session, but Ra encouraged me to post this. I sometimes get colonics (aka colon hydrotherapy in the US) for personal health reasons and and while it really isn't a sexual thing (it really is a health thing), that moment when the therapist (in this case female) is standing in front of me putting lube on a speculum (which looks like a smallish dildo) and sliding it into my ass always gives me a moment of "wow, that's hot!"

She isn't beautiful, I don't get an erection, but the last time I went we chatted away during the 50 minute session about mountain biking and gardening while I can feel this piece of hard plastic in my ass filling me and emptying me... a surreal experience to say the least.

As most of you know, I am a hetero male and mostly a materials fetishist: spandex, latex, heels, corsets, cross dressing, etc. with a strong interest in self-bondage so talking about this little "quirk" of mine is a little uncomfortable. However, if you are at all into enema play, try colon hydrotherapy. There are two systems in the US: open and closed. Open involves sitting on something that looks like a very large reclining toilet with a small (1/2") speculum that puts the water in while waste comes out "naturally" whenever one feels like releasing. It is sort of like a 45 minute continuous enema. 

Closed is quite a bit more steampunk and I do not recommend it for a first timer. It is what I described at the beginning of this post and uses a larger speculum. A small inner tube puts the water in and the large outer tube carries the waste back to the machine. There's no suction and you cannot "push" at all, the speculum will come out! The machine has lots of gauges and dials so those with medical fetishes will probably love it. The therapist lets you "fill" until you say you're full, then he or she turns a valve to the "empty" position. There is some body awareness involved and I find I have to get into the mindset of relaxing and being receptive. "Going with the flow" takes on a completely new meaning Smile .

The therapist I go to has done this for decades so she has quite a few "tricks." One is using a clamp to modulate the pressure in the tube. She is so skilled at this that I sometimes feel like I am getting a massage from the inside, a freaky but very enjoyable sensation. She also massages my abdomen expertly. Again, nothing at all sexual, but a very worthwhile experience if you have the opportunity (and interest).

If there is any interest, maybe next time I will post one of my favorite self-bondage sessions or my experience with the "encasement Mistress" Jasmine Ling in Portland Oregon several years ago.

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Ass pumping/ vacuum?
Posted by: jamesnorth26 - 29 Jun 2018, 02:28 - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hey Everyone.

Last week i seen some ass pumping porn which got me thinking if i could do something like that...
So in the shower i got my penis pump and bent over so the pump would seal better. I started pumping and could feel the pump starting to suck my hole.
I couldnt believe it that it worked so i got my butt plug and insterted as didnt want to prolapse my ass, then put pump back over arse. I started pumping and the feeling was so amazing i had never felt it before. I kept pumping to the pumps max and started pusing my plug in and out with my muscles... the feeling got so much better. I kept going and also few more pumps and then it felt like the pump got sucked into my ass. So i felt my behind and the pump had sucked the plug out and left my ass looking like a swollen pussy. Felt so good to touch.

I am going to do again tonight but since dont have any dildos that would suit i am thinking of using either a cucumber or parsnip (these work great if using big end first) so they will touch top of pump and cant be sucked out.

Anyone done similar before and have advise?


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Self tightening, elbow and hogties?
Posted by: jamesnorth26 - 29 Jun 2018, 01:21 - Forum: Techniques - Replies (6)

Hey Everyone,

After using wrist cuffs the other day and coating in duct tape to i cant untie them, then trying to apply a little padlock behind my back.. this failed and wasnt very happy Sad

I have doing some searching on this site and have seen a lot of geat info and sessions but finding it hard to replicate.
I want to do a self bondage session tonight using self tightening knots and also elbow ties and hogties.. as well as my anal hook.
Does anyone have some knots etc that is simple to understand or links on where i can find some easy knots.

Thanks in advance 


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