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Bambi Sleep stuff
I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.   Girl_in_love
(23 May 2018, 00:06 )wilsd Wrote: I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.
And what about the results?

I think, you should be safe if the Bambi is limited by the uniform. But the recent files go well beyond any limits and suggest full personality replacement. I've got all scripts, BTW. Anybody interested?
(23 May 2018, 01:28 )Like Ra Wrote:
(23 May 2018, 00:06 )wilsd Wrote: I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.
And what about the results?

I think, you should be safe if the Bambi is limited by the uniform. But the recent files go well beyond any limits and suggest full personality replacement. I've got all scripts, BTW. Anybody interested?

No changes yet, its a nice idea/fantasy but i think its unlikely to do anything.
Kind of like seeing ghosts, if you want to see one, you will.
The "general consensus" claims that Bambi Sleep are the most effective files available now. This is a post on 8ch by the author of Bambi Sleep:

Quote:There's no magic bullet. This takes lots and lots of time and practice like everything else. I have probably 10 years' experience in audio production (mostly not kink shit) and almost as long writing hypnosis scripts on similar subjects for crappier earlier attempts that never got shared with anyone. I don't have formal training in any of this, though.

I do most of the audio work in Cubase, because that's what I know. The software doesn't matter as long as it's a real DAW (Ableton, Logic, etc). Audacity is not good enough, although I use it for editing raw samples.

Everything that applies to general audio production applies here. You can find information about that on any audio website, but it will take a lot of practice to get good at it anyway. You can't just shove everything in and hope for the best or you end up with K31.

You need to learn how to use EQ and panning to make space for elements in the mix. Learn how to use FX like reverb and echoes without muddying up the mix. The most important thing is to learn how to use compressors to make the main parts pop and blend the background tracks together.

Random tips: I put an almost imperceptible amount of reverb on basically every track. Don't overdo the FX on tracks that are loud or have constant activity. I compress all the background tracks together including all the FX tracks again and then sidechain that to the main voice so it stands out. One good trick you can use is to take a mono track and delay one ear by a few tens of milliseconds, which will separate it from centred sounds and make it sound like it's coming from inside your head on headphones (that's what I do for the looping side voices on all the newer stuff).

I get audio samples from random sample websites, youtube, the audiogonewild reddit, and occasionally from other hypnosis recordings. Youtube ASMR videos are often good for high-quality ambient samples.

For TTS I use TextAloud. It probably doesn't matter what software you use but I know that one produces high-quality wavs. The voices are Ivona Salli and Ivona Ivy. I haven't found any others that are as good. I used Neospeech Julie and Acapela Heather22 in some older stuff, they're OK I guess.

The main thing with TTS is the pronunciation will be garbage by default even on a good voice. The main tools you have to fix this are: switching between full stops and commas on the end of lines; inserting hyphens between syllables in the middle of words; changing spaces to hyphens between words; replacing particularly troublesome words with misspellings or phonetic versions. Each of these may or may not affect the pronunciation in some random way. You get a feel for it after a while, but it depends on the voice and it's never truly predictable.

I split my scripts out line-by-line according to punctuation marks since the text on one side of a comma/full-stop doesn't usually affect the pronunciation on the other side (in rare cases it can though, which sometimes trips me up). I'll relisten to some lines 20 or more times in different minor variations if they don't flow naturally at first until they sound right. Then you need to listen to multiple lines at a time to make sure they don't sound off one after another.

For scripts, I don't know if I can really say much. I learned from listening to other things and experimenting a lot. I can't articulate precisely what makes a script effective. Prerecorded hypnosis is difficult because you can't adapt to the state of the subject, you don't have the trust and expectation of a live session and so on. You have to fucking force it, don't waste time on things that don't contribute to the goal of the session in some way, make every word count, make it so hot they can't help but succumb to it. I'm pretty much masturbating the entire time I'm working on all this and it definitely slows the progress but it probably helps with coming up with wording that really gets to people.

I spend a lot of time QAing (trancing to) the recordings once they're mostly done and will iterate on some 5-10 times, re-ordering sections to work better, making sure all the other tracks sync up with the main script and don't cause problems, fixing pronunciation issues, shortening or lengthening sections or inserting more triggers so that there's never a bit that drags on too long or something the listener anticipates but doesn't end up happening.

I'm a difficult hypnosis subject and have spent years getting to the point where the stuff I make actually works for me, which probably explains why it seems to be quite effective in general.

If he listens to his own files so often, why didn't he become a permanent Bambi with the original identity replaced (like proposed in the files)?
I’ve had quite a few sessions with Bambi Sleep now and I think its beginning to work, a definite interest in dressing in my uniform and a growing urge to suck c**k, quite worrying but thrilling at the same time.
I don’t want to stop.
(28 Jun 2018, 20:15 )wilsd Wrote: I’ve had quite a few sessions with Bambi Sleep
Which tracks?

I only read the scripts (I can upload them here if anybody is interested), and I noticed, that right from the beginning the memory and IQ are getting erased. Scary stuff. The induction is borrowed from this file:
I’ve been using bimbo doll conditioning, skipped IQ lock though after the first couple of times.
I have spent the last hour or so looking for some platform strappy heels, its definitely working.
I avoid bimbo/penis-shrink/impotence/incontinence stuff at all cost. Last year I was unintentionally exposed to some bimbo suggestions and could not concentrate on a text (I simply did not understand the meaning) until next morning. Unfortunately Bambi is too bimbo-centric. Not for me... No way...

But it's extremely popular for some reason. It became a cult, what (according to my theory, read about egregors above) makes it work much more effective. Like a collective mind, that feeds on the energy of the "listeners".

I do follow the Bambi threads, though. I wonder where it goes, and what happens.

BTW, according to "the general consensus", wearing a chastity belt (and "nofap" mode in general) increases the effect dramatically.
Don't play with Bambi
It's a kink or fetish only to some extend
Neither safety net or watchdogs gonna protect you from effects and you won't be able to remove them with cleaning files

BTW I'm new here
Hello from non English world  Smile
(13 Jul 2018, 19:19 )TopKek Wrote: Don't play with Bambi
Unless you can use her:

And welcome aboard!