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Urethral sounds
can anyone help me with cock insertion

i dont know anything about it and would love to try it without no damage
what you mean is called Urethral Sounding!

And it is not without risk! you can easily catch a urethral infection! it is verry important that you work aseptic and use much lube!!!
i tried it and i would say it feels realy strange! specally in combination with estim!
I would boil it before use. I ordered a couple of chastity devices with urethral plugs, so I'm also interested in some info. E.g. antiseptic lube.
I experimented with sounds a bit. I was using a type of a retenchion type that has a oval tip that was a little larger than the shaft. I was able to work it in past the head.
Interesting, the head of the penis is a lot less streachy than the tube to the bladder. But once the oval got past the head, it felt OK.
A little weird looking with a ring or bell hanging from the end of your penis.

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