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Drawing and 3D models
Heya all. I recently been wanting to make something kinky as a drawing or something i can make as a 3D object in 3DS max. Any ideas? there is so many i know for myself but i cannot seem to  stick with one thing and therefore i can never get the finger out of my ass and acually start. I'm not a super pro but i would say i could amke something cool :Big Grinlease hand me some ideas, anything from toys, persons, kinky equipment whatever rly Tongue
Try making a butt plug. Like a round shaft with a ball at one end.
It would be a start.
A boy with a pronounced erection in shiny pantyhose on legs and arms, and a shiny Realise swimsuit Tongue
gonna try to make that plug tomorrow Big Grin, Should be easy enough, maybe i will make different variations if im in the mood Tongue

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