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Pantyhose and stockings related hypnosis
A file to get pantyhose addiction (use at your own risk, these things do work, not immediately, and they are addictive)

Training Loop 10 - Pantyhose.mp3 (Size: 13.89 MB )
Put on a pair of tight smooth pantyhose, high heels, if you've got ones, and enjoy:

Smooth Pantyhose.mp3 (Size: 26.49 MB )
Pantyhose enslavement:

Pantyhose Enslavement 1.mp3 (Size: 7.8 MB )
Moved the post above to a separate thread.

And another one:

BlackPantyhoseAndFeet.mp3 (Size: 10.27 MB )
Pantyhose whispers:

Pantyhose.mp3 (Size: 5.73 MB )

Can be looped and used as a sleeping helper.
You must wear pantyhose. And high heels. You might want to wear more feminine clothes, you might want cocks, but it's the pantyhose that you must wear every day. And high heels make a good match.

Cursed_Pantyhose_Helper_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 20.63 MB )

Attached Files
CD-CursedPantyhoseBody.txt (Size: 7.9 KB )
Haven't listened to this one. Also, can't find any descriptions. Any testers? Wink

hostage_to_stockings-01.mp3 (Size: 16.77 MB )
(21 Oct 2017, 15:29 )Like Ra Wrote: Put on a pair of tight smooth pantyhose, high heels, if you've got ones, and enjoy:

Fuck it works Im not Mother language English but i dont figure it works i thinked wAs a stupid thing! But i say "lets take a try".... I relaxed on bad earplug and press play... After i cum in pantyhose (neve happened because i dont wanna mess all up) i wAs scared AF! I dont think i give a Second try! But pay attetion! If u are just a pantyhose addicted it work and very well! I wAs conflicted with my mind for 2 day aftee that  !
A bit more, than stockings and pantyhose - body-stockings!

Body Stocking.mp3 (Size: 18.31 MB )
(30 Dec 2018, 18:17 ) Wrote: how long do I have to listen to this file for better results?
This is something only you can tell Wink

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