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Candid photos of girls in pantyhose
I bet there are people here who love to see pantyhose not only on men (see Men in pantyhose thread) but also on girls and women.

Please post your favourite candid photos of girls in nylons in this thread. All images are welcome (including taken by mobile phones) but they should have accent on the delicate garment or have a story related to pantyhose/stockings. Please no pr0n or bold upskirts.

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I'll see what I can find. Not really pantyhose but I like this one:
Here goes the first bunch. Russian girls in pantyhose.

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(19 Sep 2010, 15:13 )culmor Wrote: I'll see what I can find. Not really pantyhose but I like this one:
Here goes another set of Russian girls in pantyhose. The photos are huge, by the way. Up to 1MB in size. So please be aware.

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These have a bit of a theme to them...
And another bunch:

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The first two look very Russian (or around, e.g Ukrainian), the 3d one is Japanese ;-)

One pantyhose-land left - China ;-)

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