Autoerotic asphyxiation fatalities and Breath control Art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part X

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That playing with breath control and especially alone is extremely dangerous knows everybody. We already know that as a sexual fetish such addiction to autoerotic asphyxiation cannot be cured by non-destructive methods (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women post, I will very often refer to it). And we also know, that periodically some “cases” make their sad way to the news.

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Oh, and please be careful when you are choosing your partner.

Top 5 Celebrity Tragic Wanking Accidents

Tonight I want to have a gander at death by autoerotic asphyxiation, or depleting the brain of air whilst masturbating – as apposed to normal erotic asphyxiation which implies the presence of at least one other person. Particularly the celebrity cases, as there always seems to be another one just around the corner.

It has been prescribed as a treatment for sexual dysfunction and impotence dating back centuries – as early as the 1600s by some research. It is now considered an abnormal form of sexual behaviour due to its sometimes lethal endings. Therefore, it is probably responsible for many, many wanks of tragic conclusions. It is believed that there are a considerable number of suicides that are probably down to strangle wanks, but when a loved one finds them they clean up the scene, as it where, and make it look like an everyday topping to save face.

1) First off the bat is Michael Hutchence the guy who made it mainstream and seemingly died because of INXS-ive masturbation. The night before his death he is reported to have been partying and drinking heavily. Then was found the next morning, 22nd November 1997, by the maid in his hotel room completely naked and hanging by his leather belt looped around a hook on the door. As there where no suspicious circumstances or suicide note it was considered to be death by misadventure.

2) Albert Dekker was a character actor know for his parts in films such as ‘The Wild Bunch’. However, the details of his death are far more interesting. His body was discovered on 5th May 1968 in his Hollywood home, after having been there for several days. He was found kneeling in his bathtub with a noose around his neck. Blindfolded by a scarf and with a horse bit in his mouth which had chain reins that tightly meshed his head. Two leather straps girded his neck and chest, whilst a third around his waist held a rope that was tied to his ankles and the other end was held in his hands along with a key to the handcuffs he was in. On top of all this his body had been graffitied with red lipstick – on his right buttock was the word ‘whip’, sunrays had been drawn emanating from his nipples, ‘make me suck’ written on his throat, ‘slave’ and ‘cock sucker’ had been inscribed on his chest and a vagina drawn on his stomach. His family claimed that his death was a robbery gone wrong, due to the fact some electrical items were found missing from the house, but others think it was some self love that went seriously wrong. I am inclined to agree with the latter.

3) The Conservative MP Stephen Milligan was found by his secretary on the 7th February 1994. He had died by asphyxiation from an electrical flex tied around his neck. He was found with a black bin bag over his head, an orange segment in his mouth and, as a police officer at the time stated, ‘The body was naked except for a pair of stockings and suspenders’. They somehow managed to rule out suicide.

4) The artist Vaughn Bode was know for his psychedelic pieces for underground comics and his works in graffiti. However, it’s his death that interests me. On 18th July 1975 he told his then 12 year old son ‘Mark, I’ve seen God four time, and I’m going to see him again soon. That’s number one to me, and you’re number two’. Then he left, said to have been dressed in a ‘saintly gown’ by his son, went into his bedroom and closed the door. He was found strangled with a strap around his neck which had become tangled in a necklace.

5) It seems that in the end Bill was the cause of his own demise when David Carradine was found dead on the 4th June 2009 in a hotel in Bangkok. “There was a rope tied around his neck and another rope tied at his sex organ, and the two ropes were tied together and hung in the closet,” Lieutenant General Worapong Siewpreecha told reporters at the time. The ropes were arranged in such a way that if he stood the pressure would be released, but it all went a bit tits up.

There were two others who I came across during research that unfortunately didn’t make the list as they were in the presence of others during their death so I couldn’t class them as a tragi wank. But despite this I feel that they deserve some recognition.

František Kočvara (or Frantisek Kotzwara) is considered by some to be the first recorded case of death by erotic asphyxiation – which has led to his death somewhat overshadowing his work as a composer. On 2nd February 1791, whilst staying in London, he visited a prostitute and started the night with an air of civility by having dinner with her. Then in order to get his full two Shillings worth he requested that she cut off his testicles which she understandably declined. Undeterred he tied a rope to a doorknob and then around his neck before proceeding to have his wicked way with her. By the end he was dead. Susannah Hill, the prostitute he was with, was then tried and acquitted of his murder – court records of the case were purportedly destroyed in order to avoid a public scandal.

One final strange incident. Sada Abe killed her lover Kichizo Ishida on the 18th May 1936 and it remains one of Japan’s most notorious murder cases. The two lovers had been having a two hour long session where they took turns at strangling each other whilst at the height of their passions. However, afterwards Ishida’s face became contorted and wouldn’t return to its normal appearance so he took thirty tablets of a sedative called Calmotin to ease the pain and began to sleep. After lying with him for some time Abe strangled him with a scarf, she said due to a statement he’d made earlier suggesting he wanted to die. She lay with him for a while then severed his genitals with a kitchen knife, wrapped them in some newspaper and kept them on her until her arrest three days later. With his blood she wrote Sada, Kichi Futari-kiri (“Sada, Kichi together”) on his thigh and a bed sheet then carved the initial for her name into his left arm. Finally, she put on his underwear and left the inn they were staying at. When the police caught up with her and asked about the severed cock in her purse she simply replied ‘Because I couldn’t take his head or body with me. I wanted to take the part of him that brought back to me the most vivid memories’.

And remember: please don’t try this at home.


8 thoughts on “Autoerotic asphyxiation fatalities and Breath control Art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part X”

  1. “We already know that as a sexual fetish such addiction to autoerotic asphyxiation cannot be cured by non-destructive methods”

    Definitely so. I’m a living example (fortunately, almost 25). I used to be a typical male encasement fetishist and now I’m just asexual… I’m scared that If I go back I’ll become that monster again. So much for quitting a bad habit in hopes and curing my virginity.

    Its only been a week or two of cold turkey but it could use some mayo or mustard. A guy needs to masturbate. It is really hard to deal with. Its like how a recovered alcoholic can’t dare to touch a drink in fear of total relapse. But I’ve never felt better about myself as a human being!

    So now I’m on vacation from work and I’m wondering, “what’s next for my life?” You know it was never really about inducing hypoxia, it was just a side effect of my accumulation of my kinky rituals. I want to be a fetishist that’s open and not ashamed.

    I don’t know what this post is about now haha! Actually I’ve been a fan of your blog a few years now. I think I just need your advice or opinion on a certain issue…

    What is the most important difference between breathing and suffocation? Sometimes the masks we wear are made thick nylon fabric or the air holes in the latex are a bit off. For example the suction hoods with the single pinhole instead of two. Maybe I’m not such a bad guy if I never go past 50%. Its just scary because the fantasy always desires the pure 100%.

    I’ll stop there, and thanks for the site. :]

  2. Difficult to say something, because I’m not into asphyxiation. I would like to be 100% covered with latex or plastic and/or even submerged, but I want to breath freely. So ,y imagination and these drawings are the only ways for me to enjoy this fetish.

  3. I think our difference is that I took that extra step in attempting to achieve that 100% and fell into the trap of suffocation addiction. It made me lose trust in myself after I finally realized what I was dealing with. The guilt started when I saw video where a girl was being suffocated longer than I needed for my enjoyment. Orgasms just aren’t worth dying for. But perhaps I’m already recovering just by acknowledging it. I think I’m just answering my own questions here lol. I intend to follow your example.

    Thanks again.

  4. I have been doing alot of heavy suffocation , and will enclose myself in a plastic mattress bag until i almost pass out , hope i never do

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