Latex and the real life – part 4

And finally back to the real life. Does anybody wear latex as a part of his or her street clothing? Mmmm… Sometimes I do. Anybody else?

Here you can find a short instruction on how to do that:
(And some more)

Beautiful and fantastically stylish Mahret! Don’t forget to check out her projects:

6 thoughts on “Latex and the real life – part 4”

  1. wow. thank you for linking me ♥
    I’m not THAT much into latex, but I love the material and love to include some of it into my everyday clothing and I’m very happy that it is used by so many designers in next season’s collections.
    Your blog is very inspiring, by the way…

  2. “Blogging about latex gives your blog popularity”, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Regardless the material, I absolutely adore the cited photos. The composition, the “whites”, “blues” and “warmths”, the softness of the light, the blur, the mood, the expression on your face (did I miss anything?) bring a Gioconda-like dreamy smile on my own and make me look at your photos (one by one, or all together) again and again. (what a sentence!)

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