DIY chastity belts. The figure of 8

chastity-device-12Apparently this figure 8 chastity tool works only for the “showers”, however anybody can achieve the same “chastity effect” by using a rope or thick wire.

The photo below shows how it’s supposed to work (NSFW!!!). Looks pretty much painful.

Any ideas/experience?

13 thoughts on “DIY chastity belts. The figure of 8”

  1. It is painful, and if you have to pee, you can and will hurt yourself and you will need to see a doctor.

    I tried one. after a painful time, I had to pee. And there was BLOOD.

    Never again.

  2. What good is a chastity device if you can’t pee?

    I’ll stick with my Access Denide and Tollyboy chastity belts thank you very much

  3. Sorry, don’t see it.
    If you are bound, and in a chastity belt, You will need to hold it, or wear a chthader.

  4. I’d personally never put a chastity device on anyone that would not allow them to urinate for any longer than a few hours. Why? The longer you hold it in, the more toxic to your body it is, and can cause some serious health problems. There has to be a way to allow the body to expel urinary matter.

    Any “dominant” that says “HOLD IT AND SUFFER NO MATTER!!!” sort of thing really isn’t a dominant. And yes, I have seen those that have said that. And yes, in the past 3 years I have vocalized my opinion to them.

    And when doing anything self bound… it is important even when wearing chastity to be able to urinate, especially if for long periods. If not you can have some serious health problems.

    Fantasy is one thing, but reality is another. Health comes first, that is the reality.

  5. I agree with you 100%. Bondage and Self bondage are to be fun and exciting for all players.
    But when perment dammage occures, then it is not fun or exciting at all.
    Some may get off on it, But not me.
    Of course, If I want something done, I would see a doctor, not a Dom.

  6. Vanessa ” wrote:

    ’d personally never put a chastity device on anyone that would not allow them to urinate for any longer than a few hours.

    I do not this thing is supposed to be worn any longer. So it can be OK for, say, a 2-3 hour self-bondage session.

    Vanessa ” wrote:

    the more toxic to your body it is,

    Not toxic, but there is a risk of forming sand/stones.

  7. It’s fine for that so long as a) healthy and b) that model not laying face down putting pressure.

    Yes, potentially toxic. Urine when held for great periods can be potentially toxic. Of course we’re talking over 24 hours generally.

    Take a pee. Then drink some water (only water). Pee again. It will generally be clear to very light yellow. Drink water again. Hold it in for 4 hours. It’ll be darker. That is the urine “going bad”. (we’re talking *water* and NOT anything like coffee, juice, etc… those automatically alter the colour).

  8. I can wear my tollyboy or the AD belt for weeks. Both allow you to pee freely and is very comfortable. I just can’t get off. Both belts are design to be worned all the time.
    Of course, you’ll need to clean them once a week, But you can go for months without removing them. Just watch your weight and what you eat.
    Makes a great dieting device too.

  9. OK, clearing up some perceptions here. This one does hurt a bit when you get partially erect, but you won’t get fully erect with the penis bent that way.

    I could pee with it on fairly easily, it’s just hard to aim into a toilet with your penis pointing up. It’s even possible to orgasm with it on, though yes, it’s painful.

    I suppose it depends on your size when partially erect, but it hasn’t hurt me permanently. Just don’t go wearing it for 3 hours the first time you try.

  10. Also, be really careful if you duplicate this in thick wire. Unless it’s really thick, the wire could cut into the skin instead of just controlling the erection.

  11. I have tried this long ago, but every time I do, my penis gets out when I lose the erection. Any solution to that.
    Btw, I do love bladder control so it adds onto my fetish too. So please help.

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