Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Smell of Quelle, latex of Kunzmann and bondage of Kastley

Let’s go back in time a bit further then Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part I. First Internet access – to the 80’s. I was a kid and there was no Internet, there were no on-line shops, and for mail delivery we had to use thick mail-order catalogues, like Sears in the US or Quelle in Europe. We never had Sears, but I vividly remember Quelle – hundreds of hair thin pages and … smell … Any printed material has its own smell (or stink ;-), so had Quelle catalogues.

Of course I liked to browse through the colourful pages, but the first chapter I usually began with was lingerie. I was fascinated with photos of girls, women, boys and men in pantyhose or swimsuits. And I still remember the moment I noticed teenagers in a catsuit- or hoodless zentai-like pyjamas. I was already hooked to pantyhose and swimsuits, but it was something new I would like to be tied up in.

I still remember that specific smell. The smell of anticipation and excitement. Yes, Quelle was one of my first fetish books. At that time I could not even imagine that there were others – a bit different mail-order companies. I’ve just stumbled upon two catalogues from 60’s and 70’s (the seller):

See photos below.

I know about Kunzmann (still thinking about buying from them), but I’ve never heard of Kastley. I wonder … what if I had such catalogues when I was a kid?

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