Unusual pantyhose and self-bondage. Up to the top Donna Karan Body Perfect Hosiery Waist Embrace

The full name is: Donna Karan Body Perfect Hosiery Waist Embrace Perfect Sheer Pantyhose, from Donna Karans Body Perfect Collection. Easily the longest pantyhose brand name I’ve ever seen. Probably just a coincidence, but they are also one of the longest non-bodystockings pantyhose.

And this is what makes them unusual.

From the description:

  • Supportive top from under bustline to mid thigh
    (level 2 compression)
  • Breakthrough technology gives an almost bare look
    (What that might be? Can’t see anything special on the photos)
  • Adjustable strap that hooks on to bra to ensure no slip
    (this is the most important thing!)
  • Back waistband is reinforced with elastic
    (on the photos below you may see that there is even a built0in silicone strip)
  • Reinforced control top measures 18 inches from top to mid thigh
  • Back elastic waistband measures 1 1/8 inch in width
  • panty: 90% nylon, 10% spandex; leg: 77% nylon, 23% spandex
    (the density is never mentioned!)

These pantyhose (even if not snapped to a bra) will not sag. What is already close to fantastic.

But what about self-bondage fun? Here’s a sample scenario.

Put on a collar. Pull the top of the pantyhose up as high as possible. Get into the pantyhose upto you neck (arms and shoulders should be inside the tights). Connect the band-strap (or whatever it’s called) to the collar (yes, from within the pantyhose, it should be possible).

Now use your imagination. You are encased in pantyhose from your toes upto you neck, your arms are restricted by the support top. The pantyhose will not slide down unless the band is disconnected from the collar.

Lots of options here. For example, use an ice-lock between the band and the collar and bind your hands behind you back inside the pantyhose 😉

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