Business Trip. Day 4

(See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

After the very exciting Night 3 I could not easily cool down, comb my hair and go down to enjoy my breakfast. I wanted more despite all possible restrictions (pun intended) like time, space and available gear. However, combining chores (taking a shower and cleaning the clothes) with pleasures (guess?) seemed quite reasonable. So I grabbed the gear I used last night and turned the water on.

Have you ever tried to put on wet pantyhose on wet skin? Definitely not a good idea when the breakfast time is ticking away. The solution? Shower gel! J-Lube is probably the best lubricant I have ever tried but since I did not bring it with me, the gel (or shampoo) worked perfectly.

This is what it looked like:

In short: long plug, latex shorts, pantyhose, leotard, swimsuit, inflatable hood with inflatable gag. Bound ankles, tied a short rope with a cinch noose (not one-way only!) to the ankle rope, put my arms into the swimsuit (see swimsuit tie 2), inserted wrists into the coil and tightened the noose. Done! Nice, tight, wet and slippery. Getting out was quite easy, since the loop could be freely pulled open. But the sensation of being inescapably bound under running hot water in the bath tub was there.

I really adore rolling in the tub while bound. The water should flow freely out of the tub (no, not too much water, we do not need any accidents). When I was 9-12 I played a lot in the bath with plenty of shower foam (through the foam it was not possible to see what was UNDER the surface). And under the surface you could find ropes, pantyhose (stolen from the clothes line above the tub), sometimes even swimsuits, plastic bags, long thin tubes, various plastic handles and pens etc. But that’s another story.

After the breakfast I had about an hour to kill and I went to the nearest Karstadt looking for not very expensive pantyhose. I needed really big pantyhose for tonight. Size XXXL (VI) or similar. And I got them!

I had to travel back on the next day and I did not plan anything severe and complex. The idea was to be cocooned in pantyhose.

Chosen gear: butt-plug, pantyhose (legs, arms), wide and very tight leather belt (used as a waist cincher), simple crotch rope, water-polo swimsuit, leather gag.

Then I used two pantyhose: (1) to form a single-glove (the 1st layer) and (2) (the XXXL PH) for the cocoon (the outer layer). This is the sequence:

  1. put one leg of (1) on head and shoulders (the 1st part of pantyhose as a single-glove), the 2nd leg of (1) is dangling behind
  2. pull one leg of (2) on both legs up to the wais, the 2nd leg of (2) is on the front
  3. bend down and put the 2nd leg of (2) on your head and shoulders
  4. help with you hands to pull and stretch the 2nd leg of (2) down and simultaneously straighten up your body
  5. now when the outer cocoon is on with the opening is on your back, pull the 1st leg of (1) down your body and shove the arms in the 2nd leg of (1) behind your back.

Result: total encasement in pantyhose cocoon with hands in pantyhose single-glove. Very tight (especially the gag, which is already quite long was pushed down to my mouth or rather throat limits) yet convenient. I fall asleep after the photo camera stopped clicking.

I made some photos (will be published under Session 53) but unfortunately batteries died in the flash just when I got my hands in the “single-glove”. I will try to recover the dark ones but I’m not sure about the quality.

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