Men in skirts and pantyhose
(or Amsterdam – Munich and back)

Man in skirts and pantyhoseSee Part I.

I do like Karli’s photos. But other than being a good photographer he’s the founder (Karli, please correct me) of the Men’s skirt group. And now thanks to the article (on the left) the group has been presented to a wider auditory. Congratulations!

I can’t say I “like” skirts, personally I do not find them comfortable, but the pantyhose bit usually associated with skirts always attracts my attention. And the fact that they (the group, that is) wear skirts with pantyhose not only at the specially organized events but as a normal clothes everywhere including their daily job:

If I appear in the office wearing trousers my colleagues ask me anxiously if I caught a cold.

A couple of “stolen” from the website photos:

About the second part of the title. Karli lives in Munich, the city I visit quite often. I live not far from Amsterdam, the city I visit much more often than Munich. The only men in skirts and pantyhose I see periodically (not far from the flea-market and Waterlooplein) are mentioned in this post. Karli has recently been to Amsterdam. I’ve recently been to Munich. To shortcut the vicious circle we have to finally meet each other ;-D

5 thoughts on “Men in skirts and pantyhose
(or Amsterdam – Munich and back)”

  1. Thanks for the friendly posting. But why did you ask for publishing pictures? Stealing pictures isn’t the the fairspoken art of communication in the WWW.

  2. I forgot the quotes (corrected) 😉

    Actually, I used locally saved copies of the original photos to avoid hotlinking and stealing traffic (now without quotes) from maennerrock-stammtisch. All credits and sources are in the post. The pictures are used to attract visitors to your site.

    But honestly, yes, you are right, I should have asked. Just noticed the following (under Kontakt)

    “Das Kopieren und Weiterverwenden von Texten und / oder Bildern aus dieser Homepage ist nur mit meiner ausdrücklichen Genehmigung gestattet!”

    Asking post factum using the form on your site.

  3. Ben….
    I am a lover of skirts. And I would love to see your site.
    If I can find it.
    Also, if it wasn’t for Ra, I would never have known about your group.
    I wear skirts when I go camping. They are easy to wear and they have the freedom to move with you.
    If I could get away with it, I would wear them almost every day.

  4. will share a pic of me in my mini and hose plus heels for just hose doesn’t justify the look


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