Self-bondage during business trips. Tutorial. Part I

Actually, a draft. Your updates, suggestions, ideas are very welcome (you can leave you comments here or in the forum)! The first chapter covers your luggage.

What to take with you

Innocent things

Pantyhose or tights

Pantyhose are good for encasement, protection, making various items and for other self-bondage purposes. Pantyhose and stockings are absolutely normal pieces of clothes. You will never be frowned upon for having them in your luggage, even if you are a man. If you are too shy, you can buy them in any big supermarket.  Do not use expensive pantyhose. There is no reason unless you want a special look and/or feel.  Most likely you will ruin them during your self-bondage sessions.

How many do you need?

You can’t have enough pantyhose. You will always need more.  Let’s see where you can use them and you will decide how many you are going to take with you. Of course, you can use several layers.

  1. legs
  2. arms
  3. head
  4. single-glove (I would recommend at least 70den)
  5. hood with a gag
  6. body stockings (big size, at least +1 from your normal size)
  7. inverted body-stockings (big size, at least +2 from your normal size)
  8. full encasement (the biggest size available)

Bike shorts or leggings

Both lycra/spandex shorts or leggings (any length) can be used for the same purpose as pantyhose. Because they are made from more dense fabric they are very durable. But please take into account that breathing through them is more difficult.

How many do you need?

Not as many as pantyhose:

  1. single-glove
  2. legs
  3. full encasement

I see no reason to wear them on arms, because the fit will be way to baggy. Also, you can use several layers.

Leotards or one-piece swimsuits

First of all leotards look good.  When worn on top of the pantyhose layers they keep everything together. But also they can be use for bondage purposes. There are many types of leotards/swimsuits/bodysuits.  The most useful are closed gymnastic leotards with long sleeves and a zipper and water-polo swimsuits.

Also, a leotard with pantyhose can be used as a sleeping garment. So, you don’t have to take your favourite fluffy pajama with you. Moreover, a leotard takes much less space in your bag.

How many do you need?

Usually no more than two.  One to keep everything together (e.g. with long sleeves) and another one for bondage (e.g. to wear over your arms )


Condoms are very versatile. And can be bought virtually anywhere (e.g. vending machines in public toilets).  Apart from their direct function they can be used for:

  • gags
  • butt-plugs
  • mittens
  • socks
How many do you need?

As many as possible. In most of the cases you can’t reuse them. But fortunately you can buy them everywhere.

Small travel padlocks

Can be used in combination with harnesses, chains, ropes, cuffs and even to lock your bags.


To cut though the ropes. You can’t take it in the airplane cabin, though.  Can be bought locally in a supermarket.

Sticky tape

Can be used for mummification, blindfolding, to keep layers in place  or instead of rope.  Can be bought locally in a supermarket or borrowed in the office.

How much do you need?

Depends on the purpose and the size of the rolls. Usually you need at least 2 rolls for mummification. And you can’t reuse the tape.  If you are going to use relatively short stripes (e.g. 2m to bind your ankles, etc) , one roll can be enough.


You would definitely need some rope, for example, for the cinch noose and wrist loops.

How much do you need?

Unfortunately you can’t buy rope in supermarkets, so you will have to take at least something with you. But too much rope may attract undesirable attention. So, I would say take at least 5m of 5-6mm rope with you. If you are traveling by car you can definitely take more.

This is where you can use the rope:

  • cinch noose
  • wrist loop
  • crotch rope
  • body-harness (aka karada or kikkou)
  • ankles
  • under knees
  • above knees

Less innocent stuff

Latex clothes

For example, latex briefs, shorts, stockings, swimsuits, gloves

Not innocent stuff

Butt-plugs and  dildos

Highly recommended, but if you are going to feel uneasy  if a customs officer decides to look inside your bag, you can make a DIY plugs using a condom and suitably sized objects.


Same as butt-plugs. To make a DIY gag you can use condom and pantyhose and/or sticky tape.

Wrist, ankle cuffs and a collar

This is obvious. You can lock them with small travel padlocks (see above).


Same as gags.

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  1. Good post! I’m heading on a business trip in a few days… I’ll have to pack a few goodies!

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